Los Angeles, California


That is great news. I am part of CERT community emergency response team in Battalion 12. I am working on getting our members setup with gotennas. We just had a wave of purchases and I will try to get my relay node up asap. I live on glenoaks and vinedale. I will setup a node on top of my 3 story building. I would love to do some testing with you guys. Please let me know if you would like to. Thank you.

Richard Rosenberg

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I’m within a few miles of you near Woodbury University in Burbank. I’ll be experimenting with a relay node soon. I’m hopeful we could communicate directly.


That is great news. My email is richard.rosenberg@yahoo.com Please sent me a message so I could give you my phone number. Thank you.

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Sounds good. Will send you an email.

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I set up my extra goTenna with a spare smartphone so I could do my own distance tests and check on battery levels. This setup is way more beneficial than a simple relay node because you can get actual feed back instead of just blinking lights.

I put the goTenna high up in the rafters of my garage with the charger plugged into an outlet.

Anyway I tested out my setup and I’m able to get 4.5 miles of distance to the west and cover pretty much all of Lake View Terrace since I’m up high on a hill in the Sunhill Estates. I’m kind of screwed to the east since I’m not at the top of my hill but I can get about a mile of you distance yourself from the base of my hill


I am part of CERT ( Community Emergency Response Team) from Battalion 12. It looks like you are in B12 also. I am trying to build a gotenna mesh network for our team. I have several of our members that recently bought some gotennas. One is in Sylmar and one is in Pacoima of I am not wrong. I would love to coordinate some testing. I am in Sun Valley close to Glenoaks and Sunland. I have a node on the third floor in the window but maybe at the end of the week I’ll have it up on the roof. I wanted to install a node on one of the mountain peaks so I could cover the valley but I will wait until gotenna comes up with a solution for remote checking a relay node.


if you set up your spare goTenna as a Relay Node there is no way to check in on it remotely but if you set it up with a spare device you can set up a 1on1 chat with it to verify that it’s still up and running. I set my spare up with an old cell phone but you can also use a tablet. Just connect it to a Google Voice number. Then you can do your own distance tests.

That’s how I’ve been testing my system. It works perfectly for me and I’ve been able to test as far as Hansen Dam from my home in Sunland.

If you want to test with my Permanent goTenna it has a GID of 1323-6961-334


Thank you for the GID. I will do some testing when I go for work through La Tuna Canyon and 210 East.

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Anyone here in the Venice/Santa Monica area? I have a friend that wants to do some range testing and it might be good to coordinate a day/time when others could also have their relays going.

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I’m in Westwood and sometimes head towards Santa Monica. Does your friend have a pingable relay set up?


Hey folks, I just discovered this awesome community. I’d like to set up some relays, and I’m curious how far people have hopped in LOS ANGELES. The area seems pretty well covered with relay nodes in some areas. Does anyone have any recent distance results with hops?

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You might find this video interesting. It was more of a fun demonstration than a serious distance test. I would expect you could do some good tests along the boardwalk though with two people on bikes (or electric scooters) going in opposite directions.

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