TURN YOURS ON ... Near Beverly Hills on Sunday 9/8 (10am-3pm)

Mesh people near 90210. Anyone willing to turn on their devices on Sunday, 9/8, starting at 10am, so we can see how well the network can work in the event of an emergency? If so, post here, so we can see if we can get critical mass.


Doug I am game and located near Wilshire and LaCienega. I have a repeater running on the 6th floor of a building south of Wilshire and just off Little SM which I personally can’t reach from across BH.

Let me know your game plan and to the extent I can fit it into family time on Sunday I am game.


@Doug2 Worth sharing a link to this thread in the LA thread so other people in the general area can see this :slight_smile:

I’m new here. Can you tell me how to do that? How do I find the LA thread? (I think a “test our systems” day could be really cool. I think that most people have their devices turned off, and I’m anxious to see if we really can turn on a full mesh network in the event of a problem.)

The existing LA thread is here!

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