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Although this is not mentioned, I also think it is a good idea to have an active Gotenna Mesh when taking trips to the wilderness. Even if you are out there alone. Not only is there the possibility of contacting others with Gotennas in the event an emergency. It also helps to build networks in places where there is typically no cell service to fall back on.

For instance, even if a mere 10 (plus or minus) people had active Gotenna Mesh units at various dispersed locations in the Tuolumne Meadows area of Yosemite National Park, coverage of the area would be quite good. Particularly if someone had an active Gotenna at a high point such as Lembert Dome or (especially) Mount Dana.


It would be interesting to use the SDK to make a repeater-control app, specifically for being able to ping remotely and report back status and telemetry. Would the current SDK allow what is essentially a “bot”? On a rooted android device, you could even use this as a solution for firmware updates:

  1. ping the repeater-control app to initiate a firmware check
  2. app turns on cellular data connection and checks for firmware update
  3. if update is found, app downloads and initiates update to gotenna
  4. app turns off cellular antenna and sets android device back to power-saving mode
  5. app reports back with status message/new firmware version


@Durandal21 this is definitely possible.
Are you thinking about building this? DM if you have any questions.


I don’t have any experience in mobile dev, so no plans yet. I am interested in automation, though, so not ruling it out entirely. I plan to take a look at the USB SDK once it is out.


I’m making it common practice to take two units with me whenever backpacking. I attach the second as a repeater to my bear bag. I’m sure I could place one higher with work, but it’s a simple improvement over carrying a single unit that adds practically nothing in weight or hassle.


Good practice to carry a backup in the woods and the small form factor/weight of the GTM makes that easy.

However, even with a single GTM that’s already paired for your own use, it will still act to relay messages so long as it isn’t sending or receiving at the same time.

But placing your second GTM up top of your gear powered on to act as a relay is still helpful and with the extra hops now available, more powerful than ever. If you carry a rope or even better the makings of what I call a Firefly then you’re set for even wider reach if needed. Having that second GTM available set to relay effectively acts as a ready to use antenna, no coax necessary.

While such a rig won’t relay Shouts, so you’d need to know the GUIDs of others to link to them for ordinary priority messages, Emergency Shouts do relay. If that’s why you need it in a emergency, then go for it as if you are still able place it up high it could make a substantial difference in your range.


I’ve looked through a significant portion of the MOAN thread, and this is probably off-topic, but I’m wondering if there is a more minimalist version of that system. Realistically I’m not going to be breaking my unit apart and soldering, fitting a new antennae.

Is there anything you can point me to that would be fine to leave up on a roof but is a little less daunting than the MOAN? I live in a four-story apartment complex and suspect they would allow me to place a device on the roof so long as it is self-powered.


A solar panel and a battery pack with pass through charging and put the battery and mesh in a watertight container so it doesn’t get wet or submerged in water. Then secure it so it doesn’t blow away in wind or storm. Put your contact info on the outside of the case if someone comes across it.


Here’s what I do. The case is from Harbor Freight, the solar panel I’ve standardized on are 6W Voltaic (i doubled up some smaller ones here), and I use a cheap battery pack from China that costs about $11.

The node farm

I use old window lift weights here to keep things in place, but by sure if your rope breaks, when it falls it ends up in a flower bed or something and not on someone’s head.


Here’s my stationary relay. A solar panel, Voltaic V15 battery pack, and a goTenna unit inside a 4" PVC pipe that’s about 15 inches long. More recently I axed the V15 battery and put the panel through a voltage regulator that directly charges the goTenna. The panel here is a 3.5 watt panel. I would definitely go larger, although I think LA is far enough south that it would work just fine with the goTenna in Relay mode.


Are you still testing relays and ranges? I purchased a GoTenna Mesh pair and I’m interesting in installing a relay in Eagle Rock if the devices work well, but it sounds like your tests are producing poor results. I don’t see any recent post about GoTenna Monday night test which makes me think the mesh network test did not go well.

And how do we know how current the imeshyou map is?

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The imeshyou map updates in realtime in my experience.

Perhaps what’s you’re really asking is how many users check in and list their locations and info? Estimates vary widely on that. I list all the stationary relays we put up, so I suspect that’s pretty common. People generally think of them as community assets, although our network started out to serve a personal project.

Participation by other users seems lower.

In both cases, you don’t need to be EXACT when dropping a marker on the map if there are concerns about security or privacy. Within a block is close enough for users to meet their needs, but better accuracy is always welcome and not discouraged.


The main reason I ask is because I see the purchase of a GoTenna Mesh as an investment into an network. I want to be able to contact my family in case of an emergency. Having a good network is key to that. I also like the idea of contributing to a network to make it stronger.

I’m not too concerned about privacy, so I don’t mind posting my location on the imeshmap. Especially if it goes towards encouraging other to join the imesh network.


Good thoughts there. People often think of the commons, which a mesh network is, as something they don’t need to have much concern about. They can DIY things just fine on their own. Sometimes that may be true, but it’s not when it comes to mesh, which can only be the product of many different people’s motivations and needs, but who all see the best, most efficient way to serve their self-interest is to contribute to what is in everyone’s mutual interest.


Ready to get started. If anyone in LA is interested in testing or building a mesh network in Northeast LA, let me know.


@Nathan_Lucero I still have a repeater powered and running in Hollywood on the 9th floor of a building although I rarely leave my personal unit on as the charging it every 24 hours to hear nothing was getting to me.

If you are ever in Hollywood (just a few blocks west of Sunset and Vine let me know).

Looks like the office will moving and perhaps a bit more east but it is way to early to know where and or if I will have the big advantage of the 9th-floor height.


Hi Nathan. I live in Sun Valley. I have 2 units but none are setup as relay. I was thinking about it but i did not see any nodes around me.


I’m 12 miles from Sun Valley but if I travel through your area, I’ll let you know.


Before I open up a new group, anyone here in or around Menifee/Riverside County? We are living next to the hills with many hikers and off-roaders. With high risk of wild fires and earthquakes it makes total sense to have backup communications. We lived in Fallbrook during the Lilac fires, and cell network plunged when schools called out to pick up students, Camp Pendleton sent their civilians home, and people started evacuating. At that time I got most of my updates through the local HAM repeater. Being able to shout out messages in case of an emergency like ‘hey we need help here to get my grandma out of her bed’ would be big. Right now I have a unit in my backpack and the second in relay mode attached to the USB port of my router in the attic. Haven’t seen another active user in the area yet.



I’m in Sunland and I just set up a relay facing west towards the 210 and my father has a relay set up facing south in Tujunga. Ideally we want more people in our community to set up relays so we could communicate. We’re only 3 miles apart but the problem is there is a 400 foot elevation difference between us. Really need more people to set up permanent relays