LAS VEGAS, NV goTenna Mesh REPEATER Now Active!

I successfully setup my goTenna Mesh on Lone Mountain @ an altitude of 3,000 FT. The goTenna Mesh is facing South of Las Vegas because I had to hide it on the side of the mountain so no one can spot it. It’s current range I tested it at is 5.27miles. the goTenna Mesh REPEATER is anchored and protected againsed the elements along with the 5 Watt USB solar panel that keeps goTenna Mesh powered and self sustained up on Lone Mountain. Since currently goTenna Mesh users cannot Mesh in the Shout section of the goTenna App, please use the Emergency section to make contacts with goTenna Mesh users as the Emergency section relays messages and location data and shouts do not relay. Shouts are currently for point to point communication, hopefully in the next firmware update goTenna will add more features and improvements to the goTenna Mesh! I highly suggest that goTenna will add a very useful feature were goTenna Mesh will autoBoot after receiving charge from a solar panel. if the battery dies. As of now if the battery dies after 24h I’ll have to go back on the mountain to manually turn on goTenna Mesh, which is a very big hassle!!! I’ll be tuned and looking forward to hearing from you on the goTenna Mesh REPEATER system that is on Lone Mountain in LAS VEGAS NV!!! HAPPY MESHING WITH FREINDS AND FAMILY!


Well done! I would like to do the same here in Austin.


@Shareef1993 I just wanted to say that this is AWESOME. Also we are going to make goTenna Mesh decals that you and others can put in areas where you have stationary relay nodes up (MOANs or otherwise) — an idea suggested here by many of you. Anyway hats off to you!!


Awesome work @Shareef1993

Agreed this is quite a hassle.
We are working on a new feature to address this use-case/issue. Stay tuned.


I may take a side trip to see if a shout will get any listeners. I’ll be out trying to get a view of the meteor shower tonight. Very cool project!

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Has this gotten much use? Is it still up there and working? That’s really neat.

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How’s this little guy doing these days? I am somewhat new to gotenna but already have several 24/7 relays up in the summerlin area - nothing fancy like this, but want to learn and experiment.


I’ve got mine up in Kingman, AZ. It’s on my roof and connected to the Bitcoin network and Blockstream Satellite API. Here’s my coverage map:

It’s solar powered with a battery that should last about a week. All I need is a few hours of good sun a week to keep it running. Been running for a few months non-stop.

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