Las Vegas, Nevada


I hooked up my goTenna Mesh in a Styrofoam enclosure and mounted it up two stories up on a tree near my apartment. The goTenna Mesh is powered on 24/7. Anyone one want to try to give me a shout?! I also included screshots of successful pings between goTenna Meshs.
Successful pings are all accurately pinned in RED on the map. (App: MAPS.ME OFFLINE MAPS) IMG_20171129_103654|375x500


Very cool. Are your running a USB cable down the tree for power?


Yes I am! 15 ft USB and 20ft Ac extension cable

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Where’d you get that perfectly sized piece of styro?


Well the Styrofoam came as a casing for a CFL light Bulb. So I decided to use the Styrofoam casing as protection for the goTenna Mesh from elements and the sun’s strong rays.

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Anyone here? I’d like to start testing my GoTenna and would like some people to test with!


Paging our Meshers who went to EDC! I know some of you are from Vegas :wink:

Get out and do some testing :smiley:


Checking in. Would like to meet with other local gotenna users.

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I’m in Kingman, AZ…I have a roof mounted setup with roughly 20 km range…


BCG, You got me interested in this from your FB post.



From what I understand, for the TxTenna bitcoin/satellite relay, at the moment, every installation is tethered to an authentication token…one that I don’t believe you can share. But eventually they’ll make a public authentication token and then such networks can flourish…That’s what I’m getting ready for. Until then, it’s just a time sink…

The token approach may seems a little heavy handed, but, if it were all fully open, there’d be some awkward issues with network resource utilization down the line. So the tokenized approach is really the only way to go (for now).

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