INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


Hi all. I’m Matt. Love what’s going on here. Hope it gets really big. I am a service person who has been known to fix things from time-to-time for a large soulless conglomerate. I am a HAM and love everything RF. These kids designed a pretty awesome getup here. I don’t really think I’ve come across anything like it; sure you can duplicate it with a couple radios, some interfaces and hundreds of dollars, but this is in reach to almost everybody in this country.

Here in Chicago we have a TV station called WGN. You may have heard of them. It’s a Chicago station with a motto of “Chicago’s very own” and they truly are. Some of the regulations scrapped by the FCC last week will allow the sale of this station to Sinclair who is the largest owner of broadcast media in this country. To see what WGN has created as an INDEPENDENT be destroyed by corporate sheep acting in our worst interests is heartbreaking.

The people need a neutral network. Speech, dreams, ideas, criticisms should never be stifled. In fact, I think we need more of them. Yes even criticisms. What’s about to occur on December 14 is sobering. If their rules pass and net neutrality is scrapped, this forum could cease to function because AT&T doesn’t want a competitive network being planned. And they’d be allowed to do almost anything they could to impede our access to this site. or any site.

One day we will need what goTenna provides. And the best time to implement anything is before you need it. I look forward to all the future discussions and ideas here.


Hi I am Justin. I am a Ham Radio operator KD8ASA. I am here to learn more about gotenna and help others learn about radio communications.


Hi, I’m Raphael. Belgium based musician and firefly specialist/biologist, and just received my mesh units. Totally clueless on all of it, backed the kickstarter based on the fact it looked like a brilliant gadget and cool alternative for the convential network. Might be useful on voyages or expeditions between members “walkie-talkie-wise” when no “normal” coverage is present…


Hey everyone, I’m Anthony, based here in Arlington, VA just outside of DC. I’m really excited to get up and running with my goTenna Mesh. I’m gadget junky and outdoorsman (hiking, hunting, fishing, mountain biking), so a peer-to-peer communication solution (beyond the old-school short range radio) is something I’ve been waiting a long time for. Additionally, I’m a huge believer in decentralized systems, some things are not meant to be behind a curtain and controlled by a powerful few, communication is one of those things. Very excited to be a part of the Mesh community and preach its benefits to help grow and become better!


Hello! My name is Eamon and I’m a writer based in Brooklyn. I want to live in a world where technology enriches and empowers organic communities (and not the other way around!) I think that decentralized systems like mesh networks are the most promising means to that end. Excited to see what emerges!


Hi All,

Based out of SF Bay Area, just added a few units to my go bags to strengthen my Primary Alternate Contingent Emergency (PACE) plan. Never know when “The Big one” is coming. I’m more than happy to dedicate a node near my location since it’s at an elevated vantage point.

Anyone have a recommendation to attach an outdoor solar setup to keep it powered?


I’m Chris and came across this device as I was assembling a couple of go-bags for earthquakes. It seems like the vibe is pretty good among this early adopter community and I’m hoping to see more people set up and register their locations on the map.

My plan for my 4 devices:

  1. At home plugged in in relay mode to build the network and as a backup
  2. At work plugged in in in relay mode to build the network and as a backup
  3. In my car, which my significant other uses for commuting, and paired to her phone. I figure it should get fully charged daily via the car’s USB port when the car is on but our workplaces are more than four nodes away so it sounds like we won’t be able to use it in the most important emergency scenario for now.
  4. in my commuter bag (I take transit); not sure if I’m going to charge it daily and leave it on or leave it off; there’s so many devices to remember to charge as it is

First test in an urban environment found 2 blocks was the range, which is not surprising since it doesn’t look like other people are in my neighborhood just yet.


I have been following this technology for a while. I am a licensed ham, but this looks good for my family, most of whom have no interest in tech stuff, just that it works. In an emergency, these low power devices are sustainable with small solar panels. I just ordered the quad package of the GoTenna mesh. Mesh is the wave of the future. A wireless internet of sorts with the hardware in the control of the users. I am promoting it locally, just by word of mouth.


Hello! Bought a couple of goTenna mesh units to experiment with. I’m in Long Beach, CA. I see on the map there are a bunch of other folks listed. Anyone want to connect? Interested from a hobby standpoint, but willing to be part of any emergency network, too.


I have been thru a major earthquake, 100 year flood, no running water, major forest fire. So I have a grab and go bin where ever I live. Adding goTenna will be a help. I have family and friends, in Fla, CA, and elsewhere. Just ordered and look forward to adding my goTenna’s to the network when I get them.
Preparedness is important. Look forward to finding out more how to use them.
Glad to be here.


I supported the project over a year ago on Kickstarter and finally today my pair Mesh got to me.

I am an editor at, a magazine dealing with new technologies, especially from Apple. In addition, I program on iOS, macOS and tvOS and microcontrollers.

GoTenna I bought “just in case” :wink:

From the information on the map ( it looks like I’m the second Pole who already has Gotenna mesh :wink:


I am dennilee, a ham, a computer networker since Acoustic Coupled modems, and an experimenter with mesh networks based on 802.11 hardware.
I am absolutely delighted that goTenna’s “prime nerd” is a woman.
I have been waiting for the emergence of a bottom up WAN and it is looking like goTenna is headed tword critical mass. There are already nodes in range of the summer camp I work at in the Tacoma area. With a few more nodes in the Columbia Gorge maybe I will be able to hop into Portland.
SQUEEE. Fun & excitement


Greetings all.

Paul Cowley PCowley here, avid camper and birder who is often outside the cell grid and wanting to stay in touch with my fellow travelers. FRS radio frustrates me with all the playful chatter Mesh seems the way to go.


V1 (pre-order) and Mesh (Kickstarter) user. I liked the idea of outdoors communication and location sharing . Cellphone amps aren’t practical because it’ll turn your car into a phone booth and you don’t want to carry it around.


Hey… I’m glad to be here in the rapidly expanding network of Mesh users! I’m a fly fishing gal who understands not only the need to communicate with friends on the river, but also to have an emergency communication option when there isn’t cell phone service, which is most of time where I fish in Colorado and Wyoming.

I bought and received (that was fast shipping) a four pack of Mesh units. Since much of Colorado and Wyoming has mountainsides, I’ll be able to set up relay nodes for greater coverage. Many of the roads I travel on are remote roads. Having the maps available on my phone will be a safety net incase I’m off track or need leave the car and hike.

Communication for survival is not what I am looking forward to experiencing, but I’d rather be prepared than not. These Mesh units are so valuable and it’s probably not a bad idea to store them in an old microwave!


Eric, from Ona, WV. I was an I.T. contractor for nearly 15 years, until I got burnt out explaining to customers why they kept getting viruses (mostly porn sites). I switched careers in 2012 and haven’t looked back, although I do still love technology.

I’m a licensed amateur radio operator (KE8ABJ) and licensed GMRS (WQUY531).

I purchased and just received my first order of mesh units (4 pack) and have been playing with them for a couple days now. I haven’t performed any range testing, but here in the mountains of West Virginia, I don’t expect much. I plan to use them in conjunction with my R.I.C.K. (radio incident command kit) form emergency communications.

I’m setting up one unit as a permanent relay at this very moment. Wish me luck!


I am active in the Marin County (immediately north of the Golden Gate Bridge) ham radio community. Also local CERT. Both units need to track teams or participants in drills or events. So we thought we would try this tool to see if it would work for us.


Ray here… I live in the Phoenix AZ metro area. I’m excited at the prospect for a decentralized communication network. Lots of node popping up on imeshyou in my area!


Hi All! I’m a software developer with infosec and privacy interests, and a Ham Radio operator. I’ve been playing with ham digital modes for a while, but this product has such a devoted base and could do so much good. I am really looking forward to getting involved here, the mesh product is awesome and well-thought out. :slight_smile:


I’m Hayden from Georgia. I’ve been a Ham for three years and am interested in the mesh networking. My family travels frequently and we are excited about the goTenna mesh possibilities. 73 to all my fellow Hams and I look forward to hearing and seeing what all users are able to do with their systems.