INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


Hi, I am Sara and I’m interested in learning more about mesh networks. I have lived in rural areas and the cell signals are awful. Forget about cable and satellite is too lagging.

So I focus on developing tech that is text-based. Most recently I’ve helped lawyers who volunteered to help people at airports when the travel bans were put into place. Next came lawyers who helped people affected by hurricanes.

So I don’t know if I will be a user yet, just wanting to learn more about gotenna first.


Thomas here! I am a General Ham, KG7ALK, and I love tinkering… I’m not very good at electronic projects and don’t program, but love it anyhow. I like portable communications systems rather than stationary systems, so all of my ham systems are portable. APRS is what got me interested in these systems.


I am a Ham operator and radio tech looking at the GoTenna Mesh for family and EM comms.
Very low density of users in our area (SW coast of Oregon) and was looking for back up
communications in case of cell/network loss. If you are familiar with the Cascadia Fault we
are looking right at it from the tsunami zone. Will be trying to get a few others into this then order some to try out…

Familiar with this type of operation (similar to Utilinet for SCADA) and like how it works. Hope to
bring in our kids and family into mesh operations, if they are willing. I think it would solve a lot of
issues as far as a great back channel to communicate.

Would have been real handy with the fires in the Napa as one son was in area lacking cell coverage
(lost cell towers) while evacuating people. We were very worried as we watched the fire lines from our
hilltop vantage point. I think even one node hardened and on the hill would have made life much less stressful.
Plus it would have been able to pin point his location, just in case…

If things go well hope to try and use it with the ARDEN network as an entry point…
Just a thought at this point.


I am not a radio operator in any way/shape/form but just someone who really likes gadgets. Living in the DC area, we have thankfully never had any issues with cell disruption but every time I read another news story these days it makes me a little more nervous about living in our nations capital. Got a 4 pack, one for myself, one for my girlfriend and 2 that I am setting up as stationary nodes. Hoping to get my family in the area on board as well, it would be nice to have the peace of mind knowing that if/when stuff hits the fan we will still be able to get in touch!


I’m Casey, a near-full-time traveler who’s solving for comms in the pretty (and desolate) places. I’m also enthusiastic about the people powered network vs big business-driven pay-to-play. Go Humans! :sparkles:


Hi, I am Scott. I am retired living in the suburbs of Chicago. I am very interested in technology that helps us live “off the grid” for both pleasure or in an emergency, and that also provides solutions to disaster areas.

I got interested in GoTenna when I saw v1 at REI. Just about the same time, the GoTenna Mesh kickstarter started and I participated in my very first campaign. I ordered multiple units for family members in three states and anticipate that each will establish stationary nodes. I also backed luminAID, which has very similar backstory and businesses plan as GoTenna, by providing solar inflatable lights.


Hi, I’m Tony. I’m from Dayton, Nevada. I’m a Ham Radio Operator too. My son and I wanted to try the GoTenna mesh units as a way to stay in touch during hiking and camping trips. it’s exciting technology that I want to enjoy.


My name is Scott near Dayton NV. My relay is pingable from smiths parking lot. I also have tested a relay on Gosh peak. If interested send email. I have not seen any shouts. I live out dayton valley rd.


Hi Scott,
Thanks for the email. I’m KB7NV. My son and I just got our Gotenna mesh units and have been experimenting. I’ll try shouting out to you the next time I’m close to Smith’s. I’m off Six Mile Canyon road.


Hi all! I’m the owner of Bug Out Bag Builder, and we have been HUGE goTenna fans for years. I’m a General Class Ham and a member of my local CERT and ARES emergency groups. We’ve had the original goTenna for a couple of years and are super excited about the MESH, we were a part of the Kickstarter for it last year.

We have a plan to cover our small coastal town in 5 full-time nodes with friends using solar and conduit to hold the devices up around 20 / 30 feet to try to catch a couple of miles range.

We donated to the PR fund seconds after getting the email about it, and want to say a huge thank you to goTenna for setting that up. We love our PR friends have have been through hurricanes but can’t even fathom what they are all going through down there. I’m 100% convinced the goTenna can help save lives once they get deployed properly throughout not just PR but the SE US as well.

Glad to be here!



I am Bruce 20 year IT network guy I love the concept about being independent of the commercial grid providers and monopolies. So I will pick up some units soon. Tell me how I can help. How do i setup to provide a perm relay? Whats the most range I can provide etc.
Daniela what an awesome name.
Can I invest Please, time, money etc
Have a Great Day


Hi, Rune from Stockholm, Sweden. I am an IT-specialist with wireless networking as my main area. I think mesh networking is the next best thing, after sliced bread :wink: Do we have anyone else from the Stockholm area here?


Hi there from Paris, France !
I’ve reveived the kits just yesterday and based on some shouting around the city today, we may not be a lot yet there using the device.

I’m IT-engineer, and stong believer in (and professionnal user of) meshed networks and also enjoy hiking, biking and diving in remote places.

Will install one stationnary relay this evening near “gare de l’est” (east-station)
For now the devices are awesome. I did not yet test the full range here in the city, but will do that in the near future.
Can’t wait for the USB/python SDK, i’ve tons of ideas to experiment !


Hi Rune!

I’m from Stockholm and have got a stationary node @ södrastation. You don’t happen to work with floating as well? I think I recognize you from your profile picture. :smiley:


Yes, as a matter of fact I do, my wife owns Alternativhälsan Östermalm, :slight_smile:


I knew it! :smiley: I love that place. I’ll have to book a floating session soon. It’s been too long since last time i was there.

I see that you have a node placed at Karlavägen. I sometimes work close to Karlaplan and will send a shout next time I’m there!

I’m Daniel btw. I love the idea of a people powered network. I really enjoy seeing the success of gotenna that will further increase the the interest and excitement of mesh networking world wide. I’ve bought gotenna devices to give to family and friends who live nearby to be able to communicate independent of the centralised network.


Hi my name is John, and I am in Edmonton Alberta in Canada. I’m interested in goTenna mesh for applications in remote areas of my province where there is no cell coverage. I’m interested in finding out how they work in extreme cold and over rough terrain!


Hi, my name is Laurian, I’m a digital nomad… so my node will change location every month.
I’m interested in using goTenna mesh for sensor data, and I have some vague ideas of having a stationary node + raspberry pi that would be a chatbot you can ask local information, like shelter, coordinates, etc.


Laughing Man!! - love it



Hello, my name is Zach and I’m a Chief in the US Navy. I had been reading about GoTenna since founding and have been very excited about getting some mesh units, but wanted to wait until they were “ready.” Low and behold and my Wife sees them in action at a trade show and secretly orders me some for Father’s Day!

My family was recently transferred out to Japan and we’ve been exploring quite a bit so these will definitely come in handy. But the real boon of this communications movement is keeping in touch anywhere (with enough nodes.) There are a number of “in-port” ship watches that require some sort of continuous text or voice communication. Using goTenna mesh with some of the watchstations would mitigate the need to buy or rent local-country mobile phones and SIM cards, saving countless dollars over the many port calls we visit over the span of a deployment.

Welcome to be here and proud to serve!