Introducing Categories

With nearly 3,000 posts in Mesh Community already, we understand it’s become harder to find what you’re looking for — this is a good problem! :slight_smile: To organize posts better, we’re introducing Categories.

To get started, we’re adding the following categories and subcategories:

  • Product feedback and support
  • Regional groups
    • Individual city/area/region
  • SDK zone
  • Hardware mods
  • Uncategorized (for everything that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories)

Please note that we may also edit thread titles to make them more clear — and so the right things show up in relevant searches. You can help us by naming your threads as clearly as possible.

As our community continues to grow, we’ll revisit our category structure to make sure it provides optimal usability. Starting now, when adding new posts please select the relevant category your post falls under. If you are not sure, please select ‘Uncategorized’.

Also if you’re not yet familiar, please make sure to read our Community Guidelines. We’d love your help ensuring we don’t have redundant posts or threads, etc.

If you have any feedback or questions on all this, please reply here or DM me.


We can really use this. Thanks!

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We’ve added a new category today: Decentralization.

Right now there are only a few threads associated with it (like the long-running one about blockchain integrations & goTenna Mesh, and a link-share thread about decentralization), but we have a feeling this will be a topic of greater discussion moving forward especially given U.S. net neutrality repeal earlier this month.

Consider it a place in which to discuss anything distributed/bottom-up/decentralized, from mesh networks, to cryptographic innovations, to off-grid energy… to non-tech solutions and ideas as well!


Hi all, we created a few new categories to accommodate different types of conversations taking place on Mesh Community. Hopefully this will make it even easier to find threads you’re interested in!

  1. Records & field reports: This category will bring together range records (and other such things) along with very interesting field reports that are not specifically only of interest in your specific area. (If they are more regional, please file in the regional category, and make sure you check to see if there’s already a thread for your area before starting your own.)
  1. DIY & Accessories: This new category will be where you post if you’re talking about which solar chargers to buy, discussions on related but non-goTenna accessories, or simple DIY ways of enhancing your goTenna Mesh devices and experience (like this recent Firefly project). (Advanced hardware modding projects like MOAN or anything else that, ya know, voids your warranty should still be filed under Hardware Mods.)
  1. Lounge: A catch-all for community conversations like our intros thread, the ham radio thread, and other threads that might not definitively fit in the other existing categories.