I upgraded 8 units to 5, only 4 will relay-mode

Hi, I have 8 mesh units. I updated the firmware on all of them. Only 4 of them will go into dedicated relay mode. The other 4 don’t do anything when I triple click. I’ve tried over and over; super frustrating.

Can someone please help?

Incidentally, it’s one of each color that won’t go into relay mode.

What does it do when you triple click? White light keeps flashing? Or no lights?

Just keeps pulsing… I am able to pair/unpair with iOS app.

When you power up the UNPAIRED device, it should start flashing continuously. Then even after you’ve made 3 quick button presses, your 4 keep flashing?

Normally, after the 3 button pushes, the device should hold on the light, then you push the button quickly 3 mores times. This confirms the relay mode and causes the LED light to go out, leaving the device enabled and operating in relay mode. This can be confirmed by pressing the power button once more, which should cause the LEDs to flash 3 times to show that it’s in relay mode.

You are able to pair each of them to to an iOS device, however. When they are paired to the iOS device, does pushing the goTenna device’s power button show just one flash? That would correctly indicate it is paired and NOT in relay mode.

Are all the devices you are trying to pair with iOS? What’s the oldest software version running on these devices (i.e. are they still supported by goTenna)?

Finally, are you powering down ALL the nearby already paired devices, as well as ALL the unpaired devices when doing the firmware updates on each? The new Bluetooth used has a longer range and either needs to have all others in range turned off or removed enough away it can’t be received when applying firmware updates. This could have something to do with your problems if you’re not sure you did the firmware update one at a time.

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After the said devices start flashing continuously, three quick button presses does nothing. Does not make the light change in any way. The other units respond correctly when I press power quickily three times.

When the device is paired to my iOS device, pushing the power button shows exactly one flash.

I am using the same device for all 8 antennae. I paired and unpaired each one to update the firmware. It took a very long time, but I systematically did the entire lot. None of the updates failed, and I didn’t have any issues. My “About” page on one of the ones that won’t go into relay mode says firmware 1.1.8.

Thanks for your help,

Contact support@gotenna.com as this is unusual. I have 12 units and all updated to the latest firmware and all the units can go into relay mode.

OK, good to confirm that. As aspexin noted, this is rather unusual, as it’s the pairing that usually crops up as a problem. Contact support at the cited email and point them at this thread as a place to start.

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I never noticed before, but when you press 3 times to start the relay mode, really pause until you see the steady white light before you press 3 times again. I came -><- close to submitting a help email because all my units wouldn’t go into relay mode. They all turned out just fine when I waited.