GTM paired by not bonded to phone?

I am a new user and just bought my first pair of GTM yesterday.
After trying the devices for about an hour I notice the bluetooth configuration is different from other BLE devices.

I paired the GTM with my iPhone, then I walked away from it carrying my phone. The app sent me notification saying the GTM connection is dropped, which is expected. But when I come back to the GTM, I notice my phone and GTM did not reconnect. GTM LED is flashing and I need to manually unpair then repair the device. Is that expected?

Also, I notice when I used the App to pair the device, there is not system pairing dialog pop up like other bluetooth device I used. I talked to a bluetooth expert friend at work about that. He believed that means the device bluetooth is not bonded. I guess that is the reason once the bluetooth connection is dropped between the phone and GTM, we need to pair them again, because the phone system (iOS in my case) did not save the bonding information.

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I think this happens with some iOS phones. What vintage is yours?

My iP 5 can be rather cranky about this. Sometimes it will, sometimes not. My iP6 is usually good and it’s not an issue. Make sure the phone is updated, but this still may not solve the problem.

goTenna Mesh uses Bluetooth 4 or as it is sometimes known Bluetooth Extended to communicate between it and your cell device.

IIRC, bonding in Bluetooth is basically a way for it to recognize the phone and then hook it back up once it’s in range again. AFAIK the phone continues to recognize the GTM, it just doesn’t seem to act on itt when this happens.

My iPhone is iPhone X, running iOS 12.1
I notice if the disconnection is short for example under a min, it can reconnect if I walked back.
But if I separated them for 20 mins +, the GTM will switch to pairing mode and they won’t reconnect from then on.

Interesting that the issue persists. Anyone have more to add on this? I believe it’s a known issue, I just don’t recall it being reported as carrying on into the latest gen iPhone?

I have a Galaxy S8+ (bear with me) and I just lost use of my first gt. I unpaired it in the app. I had a second unit, which I never paired via bt or the gt app, but when I turned it on it became my new gt auto-magically.

So…a gt device will bond to any nearby phone/app that currently has no paired unit but that has had one before…humm, interesting.

Actually, it’s not whether it’s been paired or not before that causes it to pair. The app will pair with any unpaired GTM if you have it on during pairing. When you pair, you need to make sure other unpaired GTMs in close enough to Bluetooth range are turned off EXCEPT for the one you wish to pair with.

Understood, I didn’t try to pair with it (and I never had…it came in the mail last week). If the app automatically connects to a GTM that’s unpaired then that’s expected behavior.

I’m on Android. When I get back in range of my GTM I click on the 3 vertical lines in the top left of the app. That brings up a menu and somehow initiates the reconnect to the GTM. In my case the GTM reconnects in less than a second and the flashing stops.