goTenna Mesh live video sessions: Q&A, guests & show-and-tell!

Many of you on Mesh Community know me already but I’m Rahul, the product manager for goTenna Mesh.

Given how vibrant the community has become I’m going to start hosting live video sessions that will enable me to get and provide live feedback, as well as showcase projects you’re working on, and bring other members of the goTenna team in on an ad hoc basis.

In order to make sure we structure this in a way that’s valuable/fun for all of you, mind answering these questions here? Thanks!

  1. What type of questions/topics might you want to ask or cover during a live video session?
  2. Would you be interested sharing your project/experiences with other webinar attendees (show & tell)?
  3. What general days & times of day would make it likelier for you to join?
  4. How regularly should I host these sessions?
  5. What kinds of guests would you like to hear from during these sessions (e.g. another goTenna team member)?

All, please answer @Rahul_Subramany’s questions so he can create something that’s beneficial to everyone in the Mesh Community :slight_smile:

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I don’t have any good answers but I’d definitely tune in if I can. Would these sessions be recorded?


Yes. We are planning on recording these sessions.

  1. I would like to see technical details and personal stories. Updates, good and the bad!

  2. Yes, everyone would like to share their project or have someone with you talking about their projects, we are not all podcast ready… yet.

  3. Live streaming is not important, I am a podcast junky, download my daily supply every morning before I leave home.

  4. Twice a month, except for special reports. If you have 3 min worth of cool stuff do it in 3 min, no rules on making everything a big production!

  5. Everyone involved in making the product better to what public events goTenna will be used at, officially and unofficially.



I would like to know what you’re working on. I’d also like to know how the mesh works. I have an idea in my mind, but you guys know the present and future algorithms.

A Q&A segment would be great.

I’m most free on weekends. I could catch it during the week at work, but that would be hit and miss.

It would be great to meet Daniela and hear who came up with the idea for the gotenna and why.

I’d like to hear stories of the gotenna in use. Where is the biggest and best network? What are the records for hops and distance?

I think that perhaps twice a month would be plenty.


I can’t wait to see the first one!!!

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  1. The SDK, anything related to those using Mesh in Puerto Rico, other real life use. Where Gotenna would like to go with this.

  2. I’m not really there. My projects are in the early stages. My experiences thus far are tests. Not even very cool tests. I might have something interesting next year.

  3. I’m very open schedule wise weeknights and most of the day weekends.

  4. I would start with monthly and see where it goes. If the material is there you can add on.

  5. Team members is a good place to start. @Rahul_Subramany @danielagotenna and the mysterious Thomas Colligan for us code geeks.

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Love to see your RF engineer talk and your encryption person. The video @danielagotenna posted got me thinking about that. I just learned something I didn’t realize. Shouts are encrypted. That doesn’t really make sense to me. Encryption has extra overhead. I would have expected only compression.

Love to hear about some of those decisions.

Of course with the Hams we have here your RF engineer should be very neat.

I would also like to point out some of us will want to use parts of the videos in presentations later for our local groups.



Not sure which video you mean but shouts are unencrypted. Only 1:1 and group messages are end-to-end encrypted :slight_smile:

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The video with Lady Ada from about a year ago.

So here is why I was confused we get two different answers at 22:55 and 23:20.

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Not sure if I misspoke or was misunderstood but shouts are not encrypted,
indeed they are by definition public :slight_smile:


You were clear but Jorge told me all messages were encrypted in a chat many moons ago and Jin said all messages were encrypted in the video. That’s why I was looking for clarification.

I really liked seeing some of the test boards and hearing about the chipsets. It sounds like Noah and Raphael would be good guests on the live sessions.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Meshers who wish to join these sessions Live, please pick a time slot that’s most convenient for you on Weekdays:

  • Noon - 3 pm EST
  • 3 - 6 pm EST
  • 6-9 pm EST

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Somewhere between 6 and 8 PM EST would work for me.

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I’m interested in hearing people describe their use cases for buying gotenna mesh.

I myself often respresent unanticipated use cases for the products I buy.

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How about this for a use case. One thing I like is the ability to stay connected BUT less connected then a cellphone usually provides. I don’t like dealing with all the distractions a cellphone provides when I’m Kayaking, hiking, or biking.

Remember when almost no one had a cellphone? The outside was so much more fun.

Now think of the Gotenna as a firewall.


Yes. A firewall that doesn’t track you all the time and doesn’t cost a hundred dollars each month. GoTenna and iPod Touch are a match made in heaven.

My use case, if it wasn’t obvious, is an alternative network to cellular for cost savings, privacy, and as an emergency network for other people when cellular goes down (that last part is because I’m planning to install some infrastructure). The biggest immediate use is at events where cell coverage is weak. I’ve looked at CB, 802.11 meshnets, and even Nintendo DS units with Pictochat, but nothing I’ve found does what GoTenna does at an affordable price point if even available.

(Apologies if my original post offended anyone. Edited for clarity.)


I have 2 use cases to share (if I’m understanding the term correctly):

Backpacking with family, we tend to go 2 nights, on the middle day we explore the area. With goTennas we can keep contact if one decides to stay at camp.

Caravanning on a road trip, someone wants to stop and you can’t quite see each other to see that you need to get off or turn around because there’s no cell service and only one of you is a ham :wink: This would be a great way to communicate, though you have to type quickly :wink: