Drone payload test Phantom 4

Just ran some payload tests with a GoT Mesh on a phantom 4.
Ran a Dacron line attached to the center of the landing skids and the line feom the middle of that so the GT Mesh was exactly in the center 5feet below; probably enough vertical isolation to not interfere much on a harmonic of the Phantom’s control (2.4Ghz and 5 ish Ghz). I didn’t see any glitches in transmission or control. The payload oscillates a bit causing the drone to wander a few inches max. Didn’t see much battery life loss though flight was brief and not long enough to extrapolate. No control isssues; hovered at 400 ft (ahem) just fine.

I just need people who are willing to “play radio” with me; I have 4 Mesh units but kids don’t want to play and wife isn’t interested. I don’t have enough extra iOS devices to test.

Ideally, Gotenna will allow us to see stats on the device- better notification of successful transmission when bounced through nodes; ability to see how many messages were relayed or stored. A “test” mode perhaps? Fully functional but shows as the data logging and maybe enabled with a key from GoTenna when you ask for it and not easily enabled so their fears of people getting annoyed how much their devices being used by other folks would be allayed.

Anyhow, here’s a short video. I flew over my property at all times and it was over my unpopulated front yard.


What is the world coming to when the kids are not interested in playing with a Drone and high tech communication device.

Maybe it is time to re-read Tom Sawyer and specifically the part about painting the fence.

FYI one would need to know where you are if they were interested in joining your fun.


@Simon520 great initiative.
This forum might be a good place for you try and find additional hands to aid testing.

A big update is coming to the goTenna app in the next few weeks. This update includes a new ‘Mesh animation’ that will give you a better notification of how many nodes your messages hoped through.
We will consider adding the ability to see how many messages were relayed via a future update.


@Simon520 Where are you located so people know if they can help you out with this drone-mounted experimentation?

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Hi guys
Awesome to hear there is interest! Need folks to “play radio” with me!
I work a pretty intense schedule so I’m on for a week and off for a week
Will be ready for experimentation next week
Oct 17-23
I’m in so CA specifically Aliso Viejo 92656; I am near the Aliso Woods canyon and can get the drone up high enough (legally it’s 400’ max above the altitude it takes off from so I can hike to a nearby hill and get over all local hills including over the highest point of the Toll Road). The drone physically CAN go 3x higher (firmware limit is 400 METERS; the aircraft if unlocked is capable of flight to over 13,000 feet) but since it’s FAA registered I’m staying legal. I should be able to ping all of Irvine, Tustin, Aliso Viejo out to Catalina and Saddleback Mountain. I suppose points of Newport Coast will be shadowed.
I’ll try to link the Imeshyou site where I put up an icon for the expected location of the relay.
I’ll post in a few days exact date and times; the drone can loiter for approx 25 mins on a battery depending on how much energy it expends to stay stationary (winds/thermals) and I have multiple batteries so I can be up for at least an hour and maybe more; the drone battery charger doesn’t like the cheap inverter I use for charging from my truck. I doubt the community would be impressed if I brought my generator.


Not sure how close @Firqby is to you but he’s in LA proper

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That is how @amon met was through this site! Now we are going to be getting into all kinds of adventures!

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@Simon520 Did you find anyone?

I fear I am a good hour with no traffic and a good headwind (could be 2 hours in traffic) from Simon520.

Even the highest point in the San Joaquin pass just to his north would not give us enough line of sight needed to cover the distance.

gonna just miss you. i’m gonna be in irvine oct 28-29, specifically turtle ridge near UCI. a short hike & there’s a view all the way to catalina island so i suspect it might work given the line of sight. i can easily hit the catalina repeater with my ham.

let me know if you’re gonna be testing that weekend & i’ll gladly try pinging you.


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