Don't miss out: 20% of goTenna Mesh thru the weekend!

Just got this email with a funny campaign theme :wink: Click GIF below to enlarge/read properly

(TL;DR use code POTUS20 now through Monday… doesn’t say exact time it expires but I presume through end of day Mon)


If you click through to see the full gif, you’ll see my favorite part of the email:

Create Your Own Genius Network.

P.S. Just checked with @elyssad and she says the sale goes through midnight (so yes, end of day) on Monday.

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Yes! And if you happen to be outside the US and still feel like reaping the reward to commemorate a year in with this POTUS, please use the code – it will work for anyone internationally as well!


20% off sale on goTenna Mesh ends tonight (at midnight in your time zone). Click through below to use the code to snag a deal on any # of goTenna Mesh units: