Disconnected goTenna functionality questions

If I forget my goTenna somewhere (car/home) etc, it’s supposed to store messages until I get back to it. But I was looking for some additional details on this behavior.

  • Which message types (Shout,Emergency,Group,1-1) does this work with?
  • How many messages can be stored? Does this differ for message types? ie: Will it drop shouts to make room for 1-1 messages?
  • What if the battery goes dead before my phone reconnects to it?

All types of messages are stored. For 1-to-1 and Group chats, the device will only store messages addressed to it.

Depends on the size of the message. I expect the number will be close ~1000.

Messages are stored in flash memory. Your phone will be able to retrieve all messages, even after a power cycle (battery goes dead).