SMS Relay Improvements

I spent some time with GoTenna and I found this scenario can be improved. I wish to have the improvement in case of emergency deployment.
Scenario: Persona A and Person B have GoTenna Plus and they are both in the same team. Person A goes down to the mountain to rescue and lose the cellular signal. It needs to send a message to EOC directly, so it uses Chat from GoTenna to send a message using SMS Relay. The EOC receives the message with success.
Expected: The Person A receives back a message from the relay GoTenna (Person B) saying the message was successfully sent as SMS.
Actual: Person B doesn’t know if the message was forwarded.

As developer and electronics engineer, I see no reason that Person B cell do not do the following operations:

  • receive the message from GoTenna A
  • forward the message as SMS
  • read the SMS notification for delivery (from the network)
  • craft a message [Message delivered] and send it back to GoTenna B

I would like to understand what are the technology limitations here and why this scenario cannot be achieved.
Thank you very much!