Feature request listen for all

I would like to have the ability to process all received messages so I could forward them as is through another path. Since the private and group messages are encrypted privacy should not be an issue.

The point would be to allow a seamless way to pass a message from the Gotenna network to an alternative network and back to the Gotenna network.

Perhaps a GID of 2222222222 could be set on the Gotenna to tell it to pass all messages. There are other ways I could do this but hardware cost would increase.

Further I’m looking for how I can grab unparsed data using the SDK. Is that currently possible? I have been parsing the data before passing it on.

@Rahul_Subramany perhaps you can help.


@giqcass where are you trying to direct your messages to? I don’t think we will allow the ability to process all received messages. Without giving too much away, the next generation Meshing protocol we are working on, will render this useless anyways.

For private and group messages, if your app fails to send it, you could try resending it as a Shout message. That way everyone within range will get it – and can then forward this message via another network.
We are considering adding Meshing to Shouts in the future, so these will behave just like Private & Group messages.

Can you explain what you are trying to do here?

The idea is to pass Gotenna messages along other networks like for instance a WiFi mesh network or a point to point network. Possibly passed over traditional networks even.

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@danielagotenna. I originally put this in the SDK forum because I see this as a feature geared towards developers. This feature has no valid use for an end-user. I’ll have to come back later and elaborate since I don’t seem to have been clear enough on the whys. Right now I’m trying to upgrade my PC with a solid state drive and Windows is giving me problems. I need to just switch to Linux.

Being able to pass GoTenna messages through and to users on other mesh networks such as Bridgefy & FireChat would greatly improve emergency communications for those who currently don’t have or can’t afford a set of GoTenna’s.


This is possible with our SDK.
I will gladly support any app developer who is interested in building an app that connects goTenna with Firechat/Bridgefy and vice versa.


What are the pros and cons of each? My experience is only with Firechat and that was limited. I wasn’t thrilled with it’s performance.

This is exactly what we are working on for Puerto Rico (and beyond). I must confess, it’s been twenty years since I coded… having a lot of trouble figuring out where to start. Any help, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We have about forty computer science student interns to throw at this problem. Please email us at CSEEpatents@gmail.com if we can help in this endeavor or if you have any suggestions.

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BridgeFy has said that they will allow free licensing of their SDK for this very endeavor. Whereas, Firechat / OpenGarden SDK still not available (last I checked) and geared to multimillion users. BridgeFy has updated their installation to allow users to avoid the SMS verification on install (which is incredibly helpful in disaster areas) whereas Firechat still requires this. BridgeFy has a nice feature where it shows who is in range for communications, but doesn’t seem to have as easy to use promisc-mode shouts. Firechat does have an internet backhaul global chat room which is nice. Both are still a little flaky on the devices I’ve been trying to test on (Samsung Note 4, 5, 8; LG stylo 3; and some cheap Obama phone types). Perhaps the easier route for this is to have Gotenna open up 1:M gotenna sharing for a few users?

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