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App integration and SDK support suggestions

Not having had the time I would have liked to spend on working with the SDK and Python (or Mesh Toolkit) this year :frowning_face:, I have been thinking about ways is could be made easer.

I would love to see support for a custom token within the official App. I think it would allow for people to adopt the Python SDK quicker, without the need to have a companion Phone App (and the need to understand iOS or Android development).

As an example of this - I have written a Lightning detector using the Python SDK but need to use Mesh Developer’s toolkit to receive the messages - but for general messaging the GoTenna app is far better - so I end up with two GoTenna devices paired to one phone :grimacing:.

Separately, it would be great if GoTenna supported a URL schema for shouts and direct messages (by name or Guid), along with the ability to share the content of a message from with the app.

The first feature could be used in a number of ways - for example on iOS you could use it to add quick shortcuts to check-in, send a message to a contact etc. to the lock screen - using the Shortcuts App.

You could also send a url in an email, to allow the recipient to send a “check-in” message (and therefore share there Guid) to the organiser of the event, without the need to send a shout.

Alternatively it could be a poster with a QR code containing the Url which the user would scan with their phone when they arrive at camp to check in and share their Guid.

The second would be the ability to share content of a message using the in built share sheet functionality - so allowing a user to quickly forward a message using another app.

It could be added to the popup menu which currently allows you to copy and delete messages.

This could then be used to build “bridge” functionality to other Apps - for example iMessage or a custom Shortcut script.

And if Garmin could be persuaded to support share sheets in the EarthMate App it could be used to build a bridge between GoTenna and InReach.

Just a few thoughts :grinning: