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Repository of existing 3rd party goTenna apps?

Hello everyone!

I just purchased four goTenna mesh radios and I’m excited to get started with them.

One thing I’d like to do is use the SDK to write an anchor / security alarm system for marine use. I have a “ship PC” aboard which monitors the GPS location (along with metrics like wind speed/direction, depth, and collision alarms), and it’s configured to send me SMS texts while I’m ashore in case the boat is in jeopardy.

This works well when I’m within cell coverage, but, of course, I’m often not. I figured a goTenna unit mounted on the mast would be an ideal solution, offering at least a few miles of range while I’m shoreside. I’m envisioning a simple python service on the ship PC, and an Android service with alert notifications and a simple map showing the last reported position and instrument data. Automatic updates every 30 seconds while an alarm is present, and perhaps every 5 minutes or on-demand otherwise. Of course it could fall back to GMS if Internet is available on the client and server to save mesh bandwidth.

Before I go and re-invent the wheel, I just wanted to ask if there was some official repository for third party goTenna apps. Perhaps someone else had the same idea?

Also, is it possible to interface with the goTenna exclusively via USB, eliminating the bluetooth link between the PC and the transceiver? Can the radio be powered on and off via this channel?

Thanks everyone!


I wondered the same thing. At which point there are open-source contributions, it would be interesting to see goTenna officially adopt the cleanest and most useful. Projects like Discourse (the software undergirding these forums) and Kubernetes/Helm do a great job of incubating and cross-pollinating apps via their Github repos.

@glambx sounds like a great project. We have some sailors here…what kind of boat do you have?

Try our python SDK for USB connections, however I don’t think you’ll be able to power the radio on remotely unfortunately.

There’s no repository yet for third party apps, but I’m not aware of any similar projects. Keep us posted on your progress though!

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Hey Mike! She’s a Cal 2-46 ketch.

I suppose the draw is so low it doesn’t really matter. Might as well leave it on.

I’ll certainly post updates here as I get working on it!

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