goTenna plus SMS via internet?

OK, here’s a brainstorm. There are times when an internet connection is easier to obtain than an cell connection. Is it possible to relay SMS through wifi instead of a cellular connection when using goTenna plus? For example, there are some rural places with a long-range point-to-point wireless connection for internet service. If you had a stationary node in wifi range of the local access point, a mobile goTenna user would be able to send SMS from anywhere nearby.

Another example would be at a large event where you have access to wifi out of range from the event (nearby hotel room, etc). It’s likely local cell service would still be flaky but the wifi would be too far away for people at the venue. You could leave one goTenna there and head out to the event with another.

I just tested the network relay, and I think it actually always works through the internet. The message finds a user who has internet, and their app tells goTenna’s server to send an SMS to the target. I tested it on 2 phones, and got a text from an unknown number, on my behalf. It makes sense to make it this way, cause it would be invasive to use another person’s text messaging to do it. Although, it’s using their internet connection, which is not as bad, but IMO the “relayer” should have the option to opt out of it.

Also, even though technically Android is able to let third party apps send SMS, iOS isn’t, so this way both can work.

It’s not clear from your phrasing, but just in case, the gotenna doing the final relay has to be connected to a device with internet, can’t be by itself.


Yeah, it makes perfect sense to use goTenna’s servers (or contracted service) to do the SMS. That’s how other systems send SMS. This also allows bulk rate deals on the per-message cost. What wasn’t clear to me is whether the app wanted to see a cell connection or would use any internet connection available.

This is good news since it is possible to use an older phone without a SIM card as the wifi relay.


goTenna uses Twilio for SMS network relay — i agree it works really well. The Twilio SDK is also one of my favorites ,check it out:


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