Updates to SMS Network Relay using Internet

Looking for solution for goTenna Mesh to relay while I am out in the field to another unit at the base station which has access to the Internet. There is no cellular service in this area but there is an Internet access point. Could messages be relayed and then sent out over the Internet and back?

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Hi Waypoints,
In my App - “Mesh Developers Toolkit”, I have done some work allowing you to bridge between goTenna and Twitter to forward messages across the internet.

Alternatively you can use Javascript within “Mesh Developers Toolkit” to call an internet based service, the following script would forward all messages received from goTennas to the pushover service (https://pushover.net):

return postData(‘https://api.pushover.net/1/messages.json’,'token=[PUSHOVER TOKEN]&message=’+encodeURIComponent(message));

Don’t know if either of these options helps you with your requirements but I would be interested in your feedback.


Hello! This isn’t something that goTenna Mesh does out of the box. While you could message a Mesh at your base station, from another Mesh in the field, the base station Mesh wouldn’t automatically send that message out over the internet or relay response via the internet.