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Unwanted emergency transmission

I charged up the gotenna and fired up the app and got a message saying that my emergency message was sent. I never sent anything and was wondering if anyone had this issue before? And how do I delete the old messages? I long pressed it and nothing saying that it could be deleted. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Maybe not intentionally sent, but I suspect a fat-finger issue is the cause.

Not sure there’s a way to delete it. Once the device’s memory fills, it might be pushed out and over-written that way. That could take awhile.

The Emergency Shout is different from a standard Shout, which does not relay. The Emergency Shout will be relayed by every device in range to others up to 6 hops. If there was no reply to it, it didn’t attract any notice. If you had a reply thinking you had an emergency, it would’ve been appropriate at the time to reply assuring them it was an accidental activation and no action is needed. Now it’s just water over the dam and such a reply is not needed.

I’ve actually had a similar problem where my phone or GTM sent multiple (15 or 20) emergency shouts. I show no record of them on my device but received them on another GTM I keep at my office.

Additionally, I received multiple (estimated 25) emergency shouts from an unknown person. All of these were received by my office GTM which wasn’t paired to its tablet at the time the messages were received so no response was made.

Maybe it was a pocket dial but it’s strange I have no record of it in the goTenna app??

Interesting. That is rather odd. Must be some sort of bug in the first case you mention.

From an individual, the second case seems more like someone trying to use the emergency app to work the network. If I had a real emergency, the last thing I’d want to do is make it sound bogus, which a couple of dozen E Shouts would do if it was me reading them. Were there any messages or was it just a blank E Shout?

I fired up my gotenna and launched the app and it connected and said that my e shout was made. I’m glad that nobody got it but if I had a real problem it would be great if someone else heard it. No response thank god.

If you encounter that again - in a timely manner when a follow-up “NO emergency!” message would still be relevant - then that’s what I would do. If time has passed or your location has changed greatly, then such a follow-up might only add to any confusion, so I’d say just let it go.

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