Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hello Calgary!!

I thought it would be fitting to start this topic tonight after seeing that Calgary has it’s second stationary relay registered on the network map! It is very exciting seeing the rapid growth of goTenna Mesh, especially within Alberta, so lets keep it up!

Calling station DeltaForce-HQ - Hello and welcome! Seems like you’re getting great range out of your relay… I’m currently seeing roughly 0.5 miles reliably with it 25 feet up in a tree.

Lets mesh up Calgary!! I can’t wait to see what the future brings!!


I’m in Toronto, but my brother and his Fiance live in Calgary, I’m planning to buy them 3 GoTenna Mesh’s, one for each and one extra as a node in Calgary. You probably won’t see their node on the Calgary network till 2019.


That’s great! Calgary is starting to becocme well populated according to the map and that will be a nice addition.

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