Canberra, Australia

There are some potential users here, scientists who work in the field, bushwalkers, light aircraft owners and pilots. All will benefit from goTenna. I am waiting impatiently for the arrival of my first two units so I can begin demonstrating to potential users. My ambition is to slowly spread the network from Adelaide through Melbourne and Sydney to Brisbane and points inland.


There are a handful of towns and lots of open country between Canberra and Sydney old son. We’ll need a lot of relays.

How many active users are there in Canberra now? Are most of them posted on the network map?

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I’ve just finally got my goTenna mesh’s, and looking to set up a permanent relay in the middle of north Canberra. We’ve got excellent northerly views, including Mt Ainslie, so really keen to see how helpful this will be (we’re on the top floor of out apartment building and could potentially mount things above the roof.

imeshyou is now showing where my node will be in the next few weeks, so that’s nice.

Also, while I love the idea of building out the mesh network, aren’t messages limited to three hops? I read that somewhere earlier today and was a little disappointed (though it’s an understandable restriction).

Currently, you can relay a message A-B, B-C, C-D! We’ll be extending this later this year!

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I am trying to set up a GoTenna mesh network in South Canberra (Tuggeranong Valley). Any comments I have made about extending this potential network are purely speculative. I am getting ready to install a relay on a pole in my back yard. Several other existing users should be able to use this relay. My relay will be solar powered and I am just waiting on delivery of a 3D printer to make the box in which the relay will be housed.

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I am in the area next week and can help range test. Will have 3 units with me and 2 HackRF to demo crypto attacks.

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