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Sydney, NSW, Australia

I have just set up today in North Strathfield. Planning on having a relay node up and running by tonight (the location approximate only as my mouse skills were pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). If there are any other GoTenna Mesh users in Sydney please take time to add your mesh nodes on the map.


Number of posted mesh points in Greater Sydney to date (31 Jan 18):

Stationary Relays: 2

Mt Kuring Gai
North Strathfield

Area Nodes: 16

Allambie Heights
Breakfast Point
Dulwich Hill
East Ryde
Hornsby Heights
Little Bay (2)
Sydney City


When I can I come visit? I am serious.

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I don’t have a Gotenna yet but I’m pretty keen to set stationary relays and nodes. Which model should I go for here in Sydney/Australia? Got a position fairly high for the relay as well

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Since I’m at it, can the Gotennas around Sydney currently connect, or do they have to be much closer? What sort of range is realistic here?

If I put one on (say) the 11th floor of somewhere around Surry Hills, Waterloo facing the city and Randwick - would the one in Pyrmont, would they be able to use that one as a relay?

goTenna Mesh is the only one licensed for use in Australia:

Currently the spread of fixed nodes and mobile users is thin so they are not linking as a net. Location will be everything I suspect: if a group of users in a well frequented area such as Sydney CBD start to mesh it would likely spread because success will bring success.

So if setting up more users in the CBD or other such area as a first stage of a city wide net is essential.

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It’s Mesh that gets me excited anyway - like I want to get tons and set them up in various positions - if only the Mother of All Nodes (MOAN project) were something lazy people like me could get off-the-shelf!


Awesome - can the same GoTenna Mesh units be used when travelling e.g. between Australia/USA etc? i.e. will they auto-adjust frequencies etc as needed?

goTenna Mesh will auto-tune to the region you travel to. You’ll be able to use them when traveling!

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Sorry to revive an old thread, it seems it’s the only one we have. :slight_smile:

@Darwinmesh, is your relay at -33.852098,151.084674 still on? I was doing some range testing in the area the other day and from the test messages we sent, some were direct hits, some undeliv’s but no “via” deliveries at all.


Good morning meshers! I’m interested in expanding this mesh network in Sydney by placing units in strategic locations so we can all experiment with decentralised communications in Sydney. @danielagotenna. Do you have any plans on making these available to emergency services like police, and fire stations? It would be good if there was a static, powered node at every police station and fire station in Sydney!


Sounds awesome, where about in Sydney are you based? I’m in Ryde.

Hi, I’m located in Menai. Do you have any static nodes set up in Ryde?

LOL, only 24km in straight line, across two river valleys. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. :muscle:


Unfortunately, with only two Gotenna devices in my household, I have no static node of my own in the usual rooftop-mount-and-solar-charger configuration. I do, however, try to keep my devices powered on 24/7 to help the network this way.

There seems to be at least one other node in Ryde, possibly a permanent installation.

Just curious, what’s your maximum reach along the straight line from the map above? Mine is just across the river, at the Olympic Park wharf.