Why does the the light sometimes flash a pattern when paired?

I noticed that when my GTM is paired and idle, sometimes flashes a pattern of 3 long flashes, then 3 short flashes. Or 4 long flashes the 3 short flashes. Why is that?


If the device is paired and is not prompted by a button push by you when it flashes, you will see the device flashing when it is relaying a message for someone else.

I assumed it was relayed messages but the patterns were repeating on a regular basis. Do the flashes vary depending on the size of the message?

Message size is rather limited, so I don’t think there’s a relationship there. The pattern you noted sounds like it should mean something, but I haven’t encountered a set of them with varying length that I can recall.

Does the device’s operation otherwise seem normal?

Yeah the operation is otherwise normal. I think I figured it out. The 3 flashes are when the GTM pairs with the phone. The constant flashing is when it looses contact with the phone. Such as when then GTM is out of bluetooth range of the paired phone. I think the GTM is briefly loosing contact with the phone and then making contact. It occurs indoors with the GTM 10 ft away from the phone. There is also a wifi router, bluetooth keyboard & trackpad and other phones in use in the room so there may be alot of signal interference in the room. Doesn’t seem to happen in outdoors.

That sounds right. Yes, continually flashing on loss of BT back to your phone. Indoors, it’s performance has a lot to do with the density of such surrounding materials. It does OK on the same floor in my wood-framed house, but move to another floor and getting the same horizontal range is much harder than you’d think it would be. I tend to hold mine upright, which favors the internal antenna sending the signal toward it too…