Why build a moan? Would a repeater or extender work better

Would a uhf repeater like this work? If not could we get or build something like it?


I know this is a cell repeater but would getting something like this built off shore be an option ?



The first definitely doesn’t work in the 900 mHz ISM band assigned to the GTM. I suspect the second doesn’t either. You’d need licenses for both.

The goTenna Mesh doesn’t require any licensing for consumers.

Also the power output and various other significant details would not permit operation by either in conjunction with the goTenna Mesh.

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Yes my question was why couldn’t we build repeaters similar to the repeaters for different radio bands

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OK, will try this again. The FCC licensing that goTenna operates under does not permit higher powered repeaters, even if you could find one that happened to transmit at the correct power (1 watt ERP maximum) and in the correct mode (frequency-hopping spread spectrum).

BUT you can use the standard goTenna Mesh and it’s ability to make up to 6 hops to provide much of the same capability that is provided in other bands and services by higher powered repeaters. The MOAN is an extreme example of this, but its core is the same basic goTenna Mesh.