USVI St Thomas or St Croix

Wonder if a GoTenna Pro 5 watts ERIP from a fairly high elevation on the North East Shore of STX and connect with any of the existing nodes operating on St Thomas? Line of sight (LOS) can literally see STT about 25 NM away over water. Digital VHF TV tested from same location. Understand STT TV tower and emits at 50? 100 Watts?

If yes want to set up a “fixed” powered Node.

@Clectcar I am sure you are aware, goTenna Pro is not inter-operable with goTenna Mesh. They use different frequency bands.

Thanks I fid not know this
Which band does Pro use?
It is 5w ?

Why set up 2 mesh Networks??

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The Pro Series frequency specs are as follows:

  • Any frequencies in the 142-175 MHz (VHF) & 445-480 MHz (UHF) ranges

Mesh Series frequency specs are as follows:

  • If I remember correctly, these operate in the 900 MHz range. I know it’s in UHF.

The VHF & UHF bands that goTenna Pro operates at, cannot be used without a license. These frequency bands are typically used by professional users such as the military, police, fire fighters etc.

The 902-928 MHz (US) frequency band that goTenna Mesh operates at, can be used license free and hence is easily accessible to a wide consumer base.

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I think at emitting power of 5 watts if I buy a pro go Tenna and use vhf (in the 150 to 160 mhz) range, I should be able to set up a Pro node on St. Croix and that node will make direct contact with the two existing nodes on Saint Thomas about 25 nautical miles away?

Unless the St Thomas nodes are consumer nodes are set to 900 mhz?

Bigger gotenna question ?

Always thought for a mesh to work properly to grow with Network effect…every node had to be able to talk with every other node
all nodes were compatible?

Why is pro on different freq??

Dave Ahl 65 Highland Rd Rye, NY 10580
914 967 3285 Iphone SMS TXT

St Croix tomorrow with 2 “old” original GoTennas (Orange) and (Purple) for test. THINK the old rectangular GoTennas (not the rounded top) are NOT set up for Mesh? Orange now bluetooth linked to 914-967-3285 ATT Iphone. Purple linked to 701-633-1212 Blackberry Android on Verizon. Think they are named the default phone number? Will change names and update in STX.
Results of Rye, NY distance tests- promising but 2 Watts EIRP using only internal antennas may not work.
OK to SMS TXT to these numbers but please identify yourself as a GoTenna user and your location

Correct v1 goTenna does not mesh and because it works on different frequencies than goTenna Mesh they are not interoperable. Just FYI!

Understand that the Pro requires a license and operates SDR tunable 140MHz or 440Mhz ish…
understand Gotenna original (flat candybar) MURS 150MHz ish does not allow mesh.
understand that Gotenna Mesh operates 900MHz ish.

So, just to confirm?: GoTenna Pro (in hands of first responders) cannot receive any distress calls from people with either GoTenna original OR GoTenna Mesh and cannot leverage existing mesh infrastructure at all? So all three Gotenna products are WHOLLY incompatible? Just want to be sure I understand correctly. So, unless you have a license to operate the PRO (or you only plan on using it in a disaster) the Mesh v2 is still the best one to purchase for common folk?

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That’s about right. It’s just the evolution of a product to maintain it as an asset that can serve more needs. There’s also a changing regulatory environment that’s making it possible. These things (technological change, regulatory environment, etc) don’t happen overnight nor do they operate evenly through society and the economy.

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Thank you. I appreciate the confirmation.

thank you will be with serious HAM radio geeks and hackers in USVI. I will assume no way to “upgrade” flash firmware so old GoTennas WILL mesh?. May leave 1 at the Blue Water Terrace (restaurant) to “shout” here for TXT take out orders? In case any other GoTenna users show up on STX? or buy a bunch of old ones and tell them to give them away like pagers? is this a potential use for old units?

No, meshing is not allowed on the frequencies v1 operates on from a regulatory perspective.

Thank you. assume you have researched all FCC regs
Just a follow up reg question.
MURS radios I think are not allowed to use repeaters?
Is no “meshing on MURS freqs” same as no use of repeatersv

Think you GoTenna headed in right direction keep innovating
V1 is always V1
Donate V1 to some high schools?
Sampling great marketing always works if you can afford it

Dave Ahl 65 Highland Rd Rye, NY 10580
914 967 3285 Iphone SMS TXT

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Correct. Store and forward is not allowed on MURS frequencies.

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In STX Easf End looking for Annie in tortola