V1 network reach vs V2 network reach

I had a look at all the nodes within your mesh network. While the reach is impressive I’m not sure what percent of your map is V1 vs V2? I have the opportunity to buy a V1 and wasn’t sure if it would be advantageous to purchase because the V1 network is larger? Can you break down how many users are on V1 vs V2?


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The map is entirely V2/Mesh. We don’t give away numbers but we’ve sold nearly as many mesh units in the first few months since we started shipping as we have of the first product so that’s promising! And we’re just getting started of course, getting out of backorder, starting to move into retail. Also important to note us we can sell Mesh in 40+ countries whereas V1 we could only sell in the US.

We will continue to support V1 for a bit longer but are not making any new inventory as we believe Mesh is a truly next-generation product.


My daughter is going to Australia in the Summer with friends. I have 4 V1s and 4 GTMs. Can the V1s be used legally in Australia?

Will the App continue to support my V1 radios or will V1 support be removed at some time? The V1s seem to have better Point-Point range and they work well in the terrain when hiking with a group.

If you stop supporting V1 in the current version of the App, will you provide a separate V1 compatible (frozen version of the) App so that both and old V1 compatible and current V2 GTM App can be installed on the same phone?


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Hi Tom!

The v1 is certified to operate in the US but will function anywhere. The goTenna App will continue to support v1 goTenna for the time being!

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