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USB console broken in GTM firmware 1.1.12?

I received an unverified report that the serial console was “broken” by the firmware update from 1.1.8 to 1.1.12. Specifically, that the GTM unit no longer responds to commands on the serial port configured at 9600 8n1. Bluetooth pairing appears to work OK, however without a console it’s hard to tell.

Is this a known problem and does anyone have a solution?

I’m having the broken unit sent to me for further investigation and have instated a firmware freeze to 1.1.8 until clarification, but was wondering if anybody else is experiencing this, as I found no mention of the problem on any public forums.

Could it be related to the console not producing (displaying) output unless the “log” command is enabled? I have that on 1.1.8.

No, it’s not that, but thanks for the heads-up.
We use the same initialization sequence with all devices (which includes the log command); the 1.1.8 device responds as expected, the 1.1.12 device doesn’t return any output. Tried several units and the discrepancy appears consistent.

For security reasons we (goTenna) no longer enable firmware outputs over serial interface. Please use python SDK if you want to communicate with GTM over the USB interface.

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Hey @Warren_R thanks for the quick answer. A few questions for clarity, since your upgrade has broken a commercial application and has caused significant downtime and service costs:

  1. Was there any notification/warning to users that this important feature has been removed from the firmware, to give them a chance to refuse the update?
  2. To avoid these problems going forward, where can your users view the firmware changelogs, and make an informed decision on the version that they wish to run?
  3. Whose security exactly did you have in mind, because it’s clearly not your customers.

Thank you.

Isn’t the 1.1.12 firmware still beta?

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Hello armin,

1.1.12 upgrade only applies to customers using our python SDK.
Can you please explain what was broken in your application due to this change?

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@Warren_R, to answer a question with another question still counts as evasion, even if it’s one question of yours for three of mine. :slight_smile: Can we please focus on my questions first, then we’ll do yours.