Tinkering for noobs?

Hi everybody! New user here

I just got my box with two GTM nodes but, as many has reported, they came bricked with an incomplete firmware update. Reading through these forums i managed to get one working! But the other one is not.
I saw on one of the posts about diving through the workings of the node using a serial terminal and command line to fix very specific issues.

I realize i don’t know even what i don’t know, in order to start finding some answers! Is there any kind soul here that could point me, and other newbie users to come, into the ways of fixing your own nodes?

Hi there,

I encourage you to contact us at support@gotenna.com
One of our agents will offer you a possible solution.


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a little disclaimer, the GoTenna support team is amazing, they replaced my frozen node for a brand new one! Thank you very much! : D

This is not related directly to the purpose of the initial post but i just wanted to avoid having the thread dead.
I’ve seen a common hack of some sorts is to plug a node with a solar panel ti keep it in relay mode indefinitelly; i just thought of a convenient variation for it which i’d like to try, and it is to plug it with one of those electric outlets with a timer on it, set to charge in an specific hour of the day and for a set ammount of time, say, one hour.
It won’t solve the problem of availability on a power shortage but, it is a really cheap way to have a persistent node in relay mode!

Hi again,

Thank you for your kind review, we at goTenna always happy to help.

goTenna Support Team :slight_smile: