Updated Ship Date

Is there any updated shipping progress? I was a part of the pre-order and we were supposed to have the devices by the end of August.

Mine shipped Monday or Tuesday. ETD is Friday to Los Angeles.

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Do you mind telling me what your order number was?

Backer 252…and apparently need a few more characters to post.

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My last single device is arriving Saturday / Texas

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All, as mentioned in our latest Kickstarter backer update and in other places here on the the board ALL US/CAN Kickstarter orders have shipped. The last 200 SKUs or so shipped this week.

We are moving onto Mexico Kickstarter backers and U.S/CAN preorder (non-Kickstarter orders placed on our website since Oct. 28). All international (i.e. non-US/CAN) Kickstarter & preorder customers will go out starting in early October pending regulatory certification — fingers crossed, as this is out of our hands — in those regions.

I will set this topic to close on Monday just in case anyone has any further questions but I just wanna say this is the best information I can give on a general basis. If you have a specific issue/concern (lost package? didn’t get a tracking link from our warehouse?) the only people who can provide individual information (if available!) are the friendly folks at support@gotenna.com :slight_smile:

The friendly people at support were great in replacing the shipment that FedEx lost somewhere in Arizona… My package arrived before my impending deployment to Irma. THANK YOU!


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