Still Waiting for my units

Any word on when the last of the units will ship?
I realize I ordered black ones, and they were shipping last. But I thought by now they would be in the mail.
Looking forward to using them.

There’s about 200 in the same boat as you in terms of US/CAN Kickstarter backers. In the next week or so I would expect!

EDIT: if you are a preorder customer in US/CAN (not Kickstarter), you’ll come right after so hopefully in early-mid Sept.

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Thanks for the update.

Awesome, I highly doubt it, but is there any way to know if mine might arrive earlier? I was silly and forgot to order a while back in time for PAX West (gaming convention) on 9/1-9/4.


You should write to or DM @Rahul_Subramany ~ from what I’ve seen elsewhere here on the board

Any shipping update for the kickstarter backers?

The 200 or so people among US/CAN backers who still have partial or complete orders open should have just gotten this email. If you did not you should write to (though check your spam folder first!):

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To be clear, this means all remaining US/CAN Kickstarter backers should get their devices this week (or at latest, next week, especially if, say you’re in Alaska or Canada or Hawaii).

All US/CAN regular pre-order customers (i.e. placed an order after Kickstarter ended, Oct. 28 onward) will receive their devices anytime between late this week and end of the month.

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Good to read this @danielagotenna, however I did not receive the email you referenced. My missing (third mesh device) is Orange color. I will send a email as you suggested. Thanks.


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