Mesh in Puerto Rico

I’m wondering if anyone knows when the next round of Mesh’s will ship? I have a team leaving next week to go help family in Puerto Rico, bringing supplies and general assistance to everyone in the area. I ordered my Mesh kit but I’m worried they will not be here before we leave. It would be incredibly useful to be able to remain in contact.


@Flutterbyasaurus Please contact with all the information you can. We have been helping people doing relief work in PR and USVI and beyond with urgent shipments. We’ll definitely make sure yours get out in time – the last US/CAN preorders leave our facility tomorrow so I think we can make it happen :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! I reached out and sent them my order number. We’ll be
searching for a missing girl and definitely need to be able to reach each


Wow, good luck! Please make sure to install apps and download offline maps for Puerto Rico before you take off in case you don’t have any wifi or stable cell while you’re there (99% likely). Let us know how it goes, and be safe.

@Flutterbyasaurus check out this resource so you can effectively deploy to Puerto Rico — tips for before and after you get there:


Whoa, best of luck to you @Flutterbyasaurus

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Peep goTenna Mesh in The Verge today:

Even so, the startup goTenna is sending several hundred antennas that pair with mobile devices. These could allow first responders to create a type of mesh network in order to send texts and GPS coordinates via radio waves over longer distances than a walkie-talkie.

Nice work @Rahul_Subramany @danielagotenna @Jin_Gotenna and the rest of the goTenna Staff!


It’s true that a bunch of goTenna Mesh devices are in or on their way to Puerto Rico for use by various civilian responder groups as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers Savannah District, the University of Puerto Rico, some business/risk recovery firms.

A group called Global Health Response and Resilience Alliance is also deploying tonight to Dominica, and of course Mesh devices are in continued use by All Hands Volunteers in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We’ve donated as much as we have inventory for, and sold these groups many at heavily-discounted rates. We’re hopeful we’ll learn a lot about how they were useful in a few weeks!

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Thanks! Appreciate the good vibes!


Closing this thread so we can continue on topics related to Puerto Rico recovery here: Looking for Mesh users in Puerto Rico or USVIs