Transferring goTenna Plus subscription

Hello, So if I purchase a plus subscription for my phone, then I get a new phone, can I transfer that subscription to my new device? Thanks

If I’m not mistaken it is associated with your google account. So when you purchase Gotenna Plus the subscription follows you.

Thanks aspexin you are correct. I just found this after a bit more searching

do you happen to know if you are assigned a new G.I.D when you delete the app and reinstall it?

If on different phones then you’ll get a new GUID. On the same phone I believe you will still get a new GUID. That happens at the start of the pairing process with the mesh.

With regards to the Plus subscription, all correct info: The Plus subscription is linked to your Apple or Google Play account so you can restore your current subscription on a new/different device.

Each time you reinstall the app you’ll undergo the on-boarding process again. That said, you’ll be able to re-verify a phone number you’ve used before. If you use the random ID, you’ll generate a new random ID at this step.

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I have 3 devices with my Google account active and I would like to use gotenna mesh with plus on all 3. Do I only have to buy 1 subscription? Can I use all 3 devices at the same time with the one subscription?

Same question here. I just purchased a 4 pack and I would hate to think that I would be penalized (paying for more subscriptions) every time I went hiking with my wife and friends.

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goTenna Plus accounts are tied a email address, not the device. So long as you use the same addy with each, you can access multiple devices with Plus.

As for sharing with family and friends, so long as you’re comfortable sharing an email account with them, that might work. But that’s usually not what people want to do, for obvious reasons like password security and privacy.

You do get 30 days of free Plus service when first starting up the app, so if you need such coverage for others, instead waiting until just before departure on such a long trip to log in for the first time would be useful. Then it’s only ~$10/year is you sign up for a recurring subscription. Lot of value there for very little moola in the extra hops (to 6 max), off-grid mapping, and the text forwarding feature.

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