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So I guess GoTenna is not allowing Google Family members to share the “Plus” subscription.
Bummer I really wanted to be able to share this with my kids and wife as we are going on a summer road trip to several National parks. This would have been an easy way to setup and share locations Automatically with “Location Tethering”. :cry:



This is a deal breaker for me using gotenna with my Google Family members.



Thanks for the post! This is something I have noted and will be communicating with our team.

goTenna Support

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Just purchased 4 Mesh devices (about 3 hours ago, REI has them at 25% off FYI) for the family. I would have to agree that spending $120/year for Plus is a bit steep. Sharing with a family would be awesome. Thanks!


You get 30 days of free Plus when you first startup. Then there’s a chance to renew for something like $9.95/year, a substantial discount from the $29.95 list price. Then that can be renewed for $9.95 most likely, as I know several of the subscription services offer that deal.

Realistically, if you don’t need the extra features of Plus, then you don’t have to pay for it. If the features hold value for you (full 6-hop capability, off-grid map downloads, etc) then it’s well worth $10/year IMO.

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You know its not really the cost that is really bothering me truly. Its the fact that its not disclosed anywhere. Almost all Paid content that I have ever purchase on the Google play store or on Apple store have been shareable among family devices if everything is setup properly. GoTenna gets around this by using the “in-app-purchase” method of adding the Plus subscription rather then having 2 apps listed on the online store. The “in-app-Purchase” is excluded from the Google Family Library because adding content in apps like games is a personal experience enhancer.

Sorry I’m ranting here a little. I still love the concept of the mesh network and what benefits it has for off-grid communications.


I suspect there’s a reason for this absence in the Google Family Library is related to the functionality of part of Plus. Since I don’t have any experience with this Google Family thing, I can only speculate that this Google package allows sharing of the same resources.

One of the Features of Plus is that it gives you individualized confirmations of reception of Group messages. This might be a good thing for many families, allowing you to know everyone is on the same page. Not sure how that would work if you were sharing it out of the same file.

In fact, with the need for different user accounts to really make it usable on separate goTenna Meshes, I’m not sure how shared resources would work in general with GTM. Does Google have any comparable sorts of apps or devices that are paired with the phones of a family group that suggests this is even technically possible?

If it’s any consolation, not everyone necessarily needs Plus to take advantage of many of its features. For instance, if you know you’ll need offline maps, get them on a couple of the devices (however many needed when your family breaks down into smaller groups at, say, an amusement park or zoo) and that may take of your needs.

IIRC, the enhanced six hops you get with Plus allows the recipient of one of these messages who only has the standard 3 hops to respond to it and it will be handled like the six hop original…if I’m wrong about that someone will let us know.

Thus two of the most desirable features of Plus can still help in a group environment with workarounds that would seem to serve OK without everyone having Plus.