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Plus subscription features

Hello Meshers!

Currently goTenna Mesh Plus subscription offers following features:

  1. You have access to group messaging read receipts. When you’re in a group message, you’ll see confirmation that your message was received by the other users.

  2. You can set up automatic location sharing. From a chat, you can see the location icon in the lower left-hand corner. If you tap that, you’ll see the option to ‘Start Auto-Sharing Location’.

  3. You can download global topographical maps.

  4. Recording trip statistics. You can begin, save, pause, and delete your trip stats from the location map view.

  5. SMS relay.

What other features would you like to see as a part of a Plus subscription?


Include the option of a payment app such as paypal, venmo or cashapp.

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I want a map of my nodes that I’m connected to. Maybe a list of people that are also connected to the network? That would be great. I leave a gotenna in my jeep on relay mode all the time.

Remove the ridiculous 4-max cap on downloaded topo maps.


Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate it