GoTenna Plus Features?

My GoTenna Plus trial subscription ran out before I was able to test all of its features so I have a few questions.

  1. If I am a subscriber, what GoTenna Plus features, if any, are viewable to a third party who is not a subscriber to GoTenna Plus (ie they did not subscribe after the 30 day trial)

  2. Will my Location Tethering be viewable to this third party?

  3. Can I see their tethered location even though they are not subscribers?

  4. For the person overseeing the distribution of GoTenna Mesh units to emergency responders, does each responder need to become subscribers after the 30 days to keep the Plus features?

Great question!

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Our Plus guru, @Rahul_Subramany is on vacation but he will respond to you when he’s back in the office on Wednesday :slight_smile:

Location tethering info that you share will be viewable by any goTenna app user (plus subscription not required).
SMS Network relay recipients do not require a Plus subscription.


No. The person who activates location tethering must be a goTenna plus subscriber.

Today, goTenna features used by emergency responders are free to use without a subscription and will remain so for ever. As we learn more about how goTenna Mesh gets used during emergencies, we will continue to update our Plus subscription model.

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