St. Louis, Missouri


I mean, there’s a few of us here.. So lets get a group started.

I’m planning to bring my Gotenna to Mardi Gras, since it’s a super well-attended party that stresses the cell net. See the topic here, or on the /r/stlouis subreddit.


How’d it go? Anything noteworthy to report?


Lol, a total of zero messages received. I sent out a few shouts, and had a relay node on me too. I’m not surprised, and I mean, it’s mardi gras; we’re not there to play with radiothings. The cell network worked surprisingly well this year (AT&T). Snapchat, iMessage, Groupme were all unfettered.

I also brought a ham radio but it’s antenna served better to stir my drink than to emit RF.

I could have marketed a bit better, but to what avail? I’ll still bring my gotenna to my next big crowd event - perhaps Chicago St. Pats Parade.


I understand. There’s not a lot of dedicated relay nodes out my way in KC either. I send out Shouts about once a day to see if I get any responses, but nothing yet.


Several views on this. Has anyone else expressed interest?


I just bought some. Located in Clayton.


I just got some GoTenna’s a few weeks ago, and i will set up a dedicated node at my house here in St. Peters