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Southeastern Massachusetts

There are virtually no Go Tenna Nodes in my area. I am trying to create a relay network in southeastern Massachusetts to help people be able to communicate via the app. If there are any other people in this location who have nodes that are not listed, it would be great if you could list so I can space out the relays I am going to put up. I hope to find more mesh users in the area.

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I have put up 3 stationary relays in the south coast of Massachusetts.

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I just added one in Bristol County for personal use. I do plan on creating and running a base station.

I am also in Bristol County and I now have 4 stationary relays up. What area of Bristol County?

I’m In the Attleboro Area, what are your relay setups?

I have 4 powered relay setups in the Greater New Bedford area. They are just powered nodes set to relay mode. They are all in higher elevation spots. I am also looking to put up 3 to 4 additional relays before the end of the year.

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cool, maybe we can bridge the gap between Attleboro and new bedford area!

I drive between Brewster Ma and fall river. I wish we could have a node radar we can see what’s going and what’s connected to what.