Sms network relay

I do not understand why you can not just choose sms network relay when that is how you intend to send your message. It is really annoying and counter intuitive to have to wait for it to time out on the send through gotenna mesh first and then click on the exclamation mark to have the option to send over sms network relay…

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Thanks for the feedback on the SMS issue. The SMS relay does first attempt to send the intended message via all other units in the mesh before sending out via SMS. I’ve included this note as feedback to our product team to take a look at. Thanks for sharing about this.


I never understood the SMS function? I mean if their SMS system works won’t you just be able to use your normal cell/ message service?

Two reasons for the SMS relay would apply here. One would be a mesh network that reached far enough out from the edge of cell coverage that mesh users could use it to link back to the cell service. I’m thinking of some comments I made in the 2018 Burning Man thread where I suggested that a link back to such cell coverage could provide a useful service to the temp inhabitants of the playa.

The other is for serving those of us who don’t use an active cell phone, but just a “cell device,” to act as our paired terminal. I don’t have text directly, but can access it via the SMS relay if someone else with a cell phone is on the mesh network.