SMA Solder Help

Anyone out there willing to modify a unit with an SMA connector (for a small fee, of course)? I’m trying to build a MOAN but the modification is a little outside my skill set.

Seems like it’s been pretty quiet lately on the external antenna front…However, I just picked up a few GTM’s this week and I’m happy to say I have successfully added an SMA connector to one. With a cheap $10 900mhz rubber duck antenna connected, my tests show a 111% increase in RF power according to my field meter. Can’t wait to try it out with a better quality antenna.

With that said, I’d be happy to help you out. What is your time frame for getting this accomplished?



Posting up some pics would certainly give us more to talk about. The theoretical side of this gets discussed a lot, but what will get things stirred up is a few clear shots of the practical side of what you did.


Adding my name to the list of people interested in paying for a modified unit with an SMA connector.

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Thanks. I don’t have any kind of deadline. I’ve got a couple units that should be here in a few days and already bought the SMA connector, so I’ll want to tinker once they get here. Once I’m convinced that the SMA connection is working, I’ll start looking for better antennas and stuff.

Did you happen to take pics of how you did the soldering? The ones I’ve seen here seem confusing.

Also looking for any tips on doing this mod. I feel like my soldering ability is probably fair enough to accomplish it, but research is always a good idea. Do I need to desolder the internal antenna from the board or can I simply connect the new coax in parallel with the internal antennas circuit?

Would love to see some pics of your work. Would you mind posting them up?

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YES, I second the request for a quick how-to blurb and some pics about how to pull this off and what to look out for!

Would you take just a bit of time to share what you’ve learned from your success with the community?