Side-loaded or offline version of app


That apk doesn’t match the SHA-1 (6417715a043a1079041a5a5c7a0d62d446dc4f56) of the one at the Play Store in my Pixel 2 XL. Are there different versions of the apk? It’s also not matching hashes for other apps in my phone like Duo and Google Voice. That site is very sketchy. is run by the Android Police people, if you can’t offer the goTenna apk in your own website you could upload it there, it’s the only known trustworthy site by the community as far as I know.


An APK ripped from a phone might not match one ripped from the Play store directly. Therefore possibly resulting in a different SHA-1 hash.


No, they’re the same apk, the ones in these websites are (supposedly) the same ones from the Play Store. The apk resides in the phone untouched, you can extract it and the hash doesn’t change. The only legit reason it wouldn’t match is if it’s a different version (number, or platform) of the apk.

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see my reply above (and in the Mesh 5.0 thread), that site seems sketchy


Why not just post it (or a compressed version) directly here or on ? Rather than introduce a third party we have to rely on? Heck, why not include a small version on the memory of the GTM itself accessible via the usb?


The GoTenna apk is 78 MB. Also, for people who are familiar with apkmirror, it is more trustworthy than just some random internet stranger posting an apk in a forum. What would help a lot though is if the goTenna team published versions and hashes of their apks so we could download them elsewhere with confidence. We could even set up legit torrents!


76MB takes forever on 2g… or a spotty 3g connection.
I agree! It really would be nice if the Gotenna team published version and hash so we could download them in advance of emergency or outing.


You may very well be correct. I’m no expert on that aspect. For anyone that doesn’t trust the sites that host apk’s they should extract the apk themselves. It’s not difficult.

I agree it would be nice if Gotenna posted it. Other apps like VLC provide download links but I’m sure Gotenna has their reasons. They seem to error on the side of caution.


I have thought that for a long time. It would be great if the Gotenna had at the very least a “lite” version of the app. Perhaps a future version will include this functionality. The other option would be a system for sharing the app phone to phone via WiFi or Bluetooth.


Availability of downloadable .apk for android with validated sha1 hashes would make a lot of sense for emergency use. Reminds me of the folks at that rent satellites to broadcast twitter, wikipedia, some basic binaries around the globe to remote receivers. Would be a great candidate to include the apk to be broadcast. A lot of overlap in the decentralized, remote and off-grid connectivity concerns.


Gotenna Pro app appears to be only 39 megs vs gotenna mesh > 100Mb. Maybe there’s some room for shrinkage? Seems duplicative, but couldn’t we make our own lite version with sdk? Forgive my ignorance, but if it was small enough, is there a way to use the usb sdk to store it on the gotenna itself?

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