Disconnected Distro

Right now you have to be connected to download the app, validate the app, the maps, etc.

Is there thought to make setup and use grid agnostic? Meaning if I have no internet I can still setup my gotenna without having previously set my phone up?

Maybe some package download that can be saved on a usb that has stable apk, map file, validation code? This way no internet can still setup?

Usecase is we arrive at our remote campsite and have an extra gotenna for a last minute net addition to the group.

Thoughts on this issue?

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This has been discussed before. On Android there are apps that can help offload an APK from the device to a file. But the setup process would probably still require Internet as either the phone number has to be verified or the GID issued. I guess one could write their own app that provides messaging among an autonomous group not associated with the gotenna id ecosystem. But I’m not aware of anyone that has done so. Perhaps take a look at the iOS Toolkit? I don’t have an Apple device so I’m not familiar with it.

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A lot of that functionality will be built into the USD SDK once testing is complete with it and released. IIRC, the maps are provided through a vendor, so not sure about their availability for this. The rest is within the realm of possibility, since it’s internal to goTenna AFAIK. However, i would think there would need to be a way to resolve potential GUID conflicts, etc once it is used in more civilized locations.

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