Sending GPS coordinates

Hi I am new, i did a few test between the two units by sending location. Well it show a map with the location but no GPS coordinates include. I am missing something or it is like that. I have a gps app that you can share gps coordinates and send you a link of google map- bing or apple map . Yes you will need internet access to open the maps.

My point is that GPS coordinates should be include with the map. Any

The short answer is that would be a nice option, but I’d want it to be an option not a default.

The long answer is that the water gets deep fast whenever you talk about GPS and even deeper when you want everyone to show the same GPS coordinates in a consistent manner.

The medium answer is that there are specialized devices that do this sort of thing from Garmin, DeLorme and others, but it’s typically between users of the same device or same brand of device. The thing is that the GPS that works with the goTenna Mesh is the one in your phone and each implements this somewhat differently. So there’s not the consistency of operations, data handling, etc that there is with those that share the same brand, as well as synchronous operations that allow units to exchange data both ways. .

I suspect that this is dealt with in the GTM by referencing the map and using its granularity to resolve the issue to good enough for the naked eye. This also overcomes the asynchronous nature of the limited bandwidth possible in mesh systems. You can send your location to someone. They can send theirs back. You each look at the map generated by it so it’s good enough, but it’s not a shared map so not identical.

Hi: If some of my family is using GTM and can not easy pass the coordinates to 911, Search and rescue it is not very practical , you will need to show the map in your cell or describe the location, if this in the mountain, not everyone can describe a location . Come on this 21 century and yes should be an option but should be available soon. Always make it easy to give Lat and Lon to and emergency service and safe resources in the process . All my family have an app gps share that you can text the coordinates - will be and extra step to copy and paste that into the gotenna app in order to send. I owe a garmin delorme explorer + but realistic how many units a family can buy. It is just my two cc.

Are the cell phones that would be used with your relatives’ GTM capable of generating Lat/Lon?

Also are you aware of the Mesh Developer’s Tool Kit? It’s an independent project that relies on goTenna technology, but provides the sort of functionality you seek.

I bring it up to point out that you’re asking for is a whole 'nother layer of technology. That’s cool if you’re willing to go to the trouble, but what most people want is the basic functionality that the GTM provides.

Also, because people bring the subject up repeatedly, the suggestion of using non-telco text to 911 is a problematic concept. That’s not the fault of goTenna, but of a system that still hasn’t quite figured out how it should handle this form of text to 911. I’m sure when there’s a standard set, goTenna will provide the functionality needed. Until then, the cellphone most use with their GTM is a better way to access 911 as it is what EMS communicators recommend using in an emergency.

Hi: the answer is yes, I will say that without internet data is less accurate but better than nothing. I see this products as an emergency communication device. I think that GTM is a great products, but add gps coordinates even as an option is a must. Again I know my family can bypass this by copy and paste or take a screen shot of the compass with lat and log application. you are only including numbers as text why it will be so difficult.

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Am I missing something here. When you share your location and tap on the the Text at the bottom of the map. it pulls up this page. GPS coordinates…


Uncluesteve: you are right Thanks for the information how to get there. It is all what I was asking for + distance from the sender . Sorry but MikeL did not help me get the information as I am new.

Having the coordinates can make a huge difference. Thanks again Unclusteve

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Thanks uncluesteve, for helping Carlos and me out. :balloon: That’s why it’s called the “mesh community.”

I don’t really use Pins and at first I couldn’t find how you did that, although I did find some old pins sent to me that showed the Lat/Lon. This is a good example of how you have to know what to ask for with software or it gets confusing for everyone sometimes.

How to do this is actually in the FAQ, so it’s also a reminder to read through that if you can’t find something on your own, as it may provide the answer or at least help you ask a question more likely to elicit an answer. In this case, it doesn’t say anything specifically that you will generate coordinates when you do create a Pin, but that’s what happens.

Sorry I wasn’t able to suss this out for you, but when. you started with the map needing the coordinates on it, I knew they weren’t there. I actually created my very first Pin to send. Note this is different than sharing your location (“Attach My Location”), which is strictly temporary. Even the seemingly obvious “Attach a Pin” doesn’t show you your current Lat/Lon. Rather you have to follow the FAQ instructions under “Maps & Location” as the answer to “How do I create and share a specific location (pin) on the map?” Follow that and the Lat/Lon comes up when it gives you the form to create a pin.

For the goTenna Staff,
Might want to capitalize “Pin” inside the parentheses in the answer to the FAQ question, as that will make that more obvious for everyone. It may also be good to note that this will send the exact Lat/Lon just for privacy awareness purposes. It’s one of those good options that you want to be fully aware of the possibilities when you do send it.

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