4 GTM units. 1 linked to iPhone. Other 3 unlinked to phone for gps tracking?


I have 4 GTM units. Plan to use for family of 4. Main desire is to have 3 of the units as gps trackers, to track the kids when we are out and about. Like when we are at a crowded outdoor holiday festival. The kids are often running around and it’s sometimes hard to keep visual track of them in the crowd. Sometimes takes awhile to find the kids off playing somewhere with their friends.

Would like to attach a GTM unit attached to each primary school child. And use my GTM unit linked to my iPhone to find where the kids are at in the crowd at a glance. At least what direction to look for them.

Kid’s units won’t have a phone linked to them.
Is it possible to use the kids GTM units like a gps geo locator, if not phone linked to their gtm unit?
I get the idea answers is NO.

I tried doing a search for this topic and couldn’t find it discussed. If someone knows what search term will show prior discussions on this topic, please lemme know.

Two Kids are in grade school and don’t use cell phones.

The goTenna Mesh depends in part on the cell device’s GPS to locate itself. So, no, that wouldn’t work without an associated phone for each of the 3 kids.

Radacat c2 has what you may be looking for.

The radcat c2 looks perfect. I see it’s in crowdfunding stage so the product isn’t out and proven, albeit it’s version 2. So hopefully it works better than the c1 version that didn’t have gps functions in the units itself.

Thank you for the info though!

Get any cheap device with GPS and tether it. Dual USB output 5kmah battery. Don’t need phone with any plan just a GPS signal from anything. Even Samsung s3 or s4. All which can be used to dial 911 without sim cards mind you…