Radio Jams & Other Audio Delights

I notice fans of music depend less and less on radio to share and experience music. In homage to this fading medium, I’d l like to kick off a thread wherein we can share music, broadcasts, podcasts etc.

What do fellow Meshers like to listen to?

In this first post, I bring you Wilco - Radio Cure and Sylvan Esso - Radio


Although it has nothing to do with actual radios, I listen to Radio Paradise a lot. Good listening music at phenomenal sound quality with no ads.

I recently found something similar on the FM band, listener supported with no commercials, just sponsor shout-outs occasionally. Both have a good mix of everything non-mainstream, technically classified as Eclectic.

When it comes to manually picking music to listen to, I’ve been on a Disco/electronic kick lately (mostly Giorgio Moroder).

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I have a very special place in my heart for disco. I made this playlist a few years ago and I always come back to it when the mood strikes. It’s probably what you would consider greatest hits/disco pop.

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That’s a good playlist. I know just about every song on there.


This one is one of my favorites as far as songs that explicitly deal with radios:

In the spirit of jamming out with the lights and network out…
Just wanted to let people know that Next Radio app is true FM (non data reliant) on most devices, using headphone or aux cable as antenna… good for emergency broadcasts… also it plays music. :slight_smile:

You can’t have radar without radio, so…
“We have a line in the sky…radar love.”

Golden Earring - “Radar Love,” 1973

It even has a great big “DISCO” sign hanging above the stage, Virginia, but disco music in Amsterdam in 1973 was a decidedly different thing that what was soon to flood the dance floors of America. I had the good fortune to be finishing up high school a semester early, so spent the next year (1974) rocking out to Radar Love and other fondly remembered music of the time. There were lots of radio references because there was so much on the radio to listen to during the 60s and early 70s. I’ll start remembering more…or maybe not.

Not sure there’s any cowbell in Radar Love (that’s a Blue Oyster Cult thing, but I listened to a lot of BOC on the back roads of West Germany, too), but if that version didn’t have enough DRUMS, there is a Radar Love version that has 1,000 drums.

Radar Love with the Pounding of 1,000 Drums, Rotterdam 1992, Golden Earring (and lots of help)

Remember when you almost always needed to tune in to keep up? Rock on.

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