Radar Project for Burning Man on Icarus


I have a 45 foot long space ship I bring to the burning man festival in the desert of nevada.
We want to build art that looks like a radar screen or at the very minimum be able to load a custom map into the gotenna. Hoping to find a programmer that can make this all work, for hire or volunteer, or work trade.
please let me know if you or someone you know might want to get involved.

Here is the spaceship

Burningman 2018

Very cool ride! :space_invader:
Wish I was younger and a programmer, but here’s to your fascinating project! :beer::lollipop::clinking_glasses:
Looks like there are improvements and/or “alterations in art” every year. I’m sure we’d all be fascinated to hear how mesh helps bring things together in the high desert.


My jaw dropped when I read “I have a 45 foot long space ship I bring to the burning man festival in the desert of nevada”.

I very very sincerely hope someone can help with this.


There is two things holding me back. Tethering only goes for 10 hours, can that be set to just stay on?
The other hurdle is that if google maps does not update the roads at burning man before the festival it will be the wrong map and innacurate since the road names and placement of the city changes every year, so i was hoping to have a solution to place my own map somehow instead of using google. Ideas?


How do the organizers come up with the yearly map? Perhaps you can wrangle a file from them somehow? Or is that self-organized ad hoc on the ground as things develop?


This would definitely be something that would take development resources. Unfortunately, I’m not the expert on how this could be accomplished but I’m certain some members of Mesh Community could help generate some ideas.


The map and placement should already be created, it’s just a question of google updating google maps. and when?

The current city layout there is from last year.


Hello BranPatRobinson!
We are with the Catharsis group.
Message has been amplified.

Any thoughts to bringing your Space Ship to the Whitehouse/National Mall burn Nov. 9-11th for Catharsis? Abraxas and about 4 other art cars should be there!


Great, gotenna mesh is our current plan for positional and text sharing.
The more the better it works

As for Icarus at Catharsis, the cost of shipping Icarus there and back would be roughly 11 grand (;that is straight from the shipping company.


Copy that. I know we raised about $16,000 to ship Abraxas last year.
Might be worth a crowd-fundraiser if there’s any interest. It is always a blast.
4 years in a row - bonfire on the Whitehouse. :wink: Maps, Bronners, Camp Contact, Halcyon, Camp Bmore, DCMJ, IAMU, … pretty lively bunch! Head on down by more traditional means if you can’t get the dilithium crystals together for spaceship in time.


@MeiGuoRen @branpatrobinson
If you are still online, have you coordinated with the other Gotenna users yet?
Sounds like at least 6-10 camps are deploying and there should be several permanent relay nodes at elevation.
Reinstall with GotennaPlus 30day sms relay trial may be very very helpful, as is downloading an offline redistributable .apk install file for the updated Gotenna app.

Links to downloads are pending mod approval at the bottom of the other Burning Man discussion here:


We will be there with 6 gotennas, we did do a custom app, luckily the google maps updated, so there is an accurate map.
Next year might include others in our custom app, but the gotennas will mesh network even on different apps from what I understand, so the more the merrier, be sure to update the firmware so it can do more hops.


Please share about your custom app! Screenshots? :slight_smile:


You can see it at Burning Man, it is a fake radar screen that shows where our artcar is


Cool! I haven’t been to BM since 2008, but have fun!


Which tethering? The Android/hotspot tethering? You can disable the auto-off there, so it’s always on, until you shut off your device, restart it or the battery runs out.

You can use OSMand, which works FANTASTIC for precisely this purpose (I’m using it all across Iceland this week as I type this reply), or you can use ‘Offline Maps’ inside Google Maps, and download maps for the location where you’ll be.

I very much prefer OSMand though, because its maps are curated from the community and are truly open maps, and cover significantly more detail than Google’s maps do. Google’s maps only cover “roads”. OSMand maps cover hiking paths, paths through parks, back yards, parking, property lines and more.

Here are two side-by-side examples of roughly the same area. First one is OSMand, second one is Google Maps. BIG difference in amount of detail. The more you zoom in, the greater the detail on OSMand maps.

OSMand also uses zero of the data network, none. I firewalled it off on my device so I can absolutely guarantee it’s only using the GPS and local maps. Not a single packet goes out. This is important for those who might pay exhorbitant International data fees when they travel.

Hope that helps, good luck!