New Years Eve Shout event

I want to encourage everyone to send out a new years eve shout on new years eve. We should probably schedule at least two events. One for those that will likely hit the bed early and one a midnight.

What say you all?

Edit: How about 12pm, 6pm, and midnight to cover our bases?


Thats a great idea - the shout would roll thru the time zones!


I’m in! I’ll put it on my calendar.


Glad others are interested but remember not everyone reads these threads so we need to share the idea on social media. All of those on local mesh Facebook groups should as well.

@danielagotenna it would really help if Gotenna shared the idea on their social pages as well since that’s probably where the bulk of Meshers get their info.

I’m playing around with wording and I’ll take suggestions for taglines imagery and hashtags. Everyone is of course free to use their own but I want to create something that people can also just drop in to social feeds.

New Years Mesh Around the world. Send a shout at 12 Pm new years eve and another at Midnight as we celebrate the new year! Help create the largest mesh event ever!


I’m in!
New here.
Very exciting!


I love this idea — but I think we can better support with earlier notice. Also please note that a great part of our own team (myself included!) is on vacation right now; I also presume a good number of people in Mesh Community are as well and probably aren’t reading the board right now…

Nevertheless, definitely worth trying, especially within regional groups. And then we can take learnings from this first attempt and do something more full-fledged and more widely messaged later on! :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind that vacations can get boring at times. ESPECIALLY the kinds of vacations people take at this time of the year (ie often reluctantly visiting with relatives). Many people are looking for a break from their ‘break’, and a New Year’s Eve shout may be just what they are looking to do.


Agreed, it’s too bad the idea had not come earlier but there is no time like the present. I’m going to give it my best efforts and we’ll have learned from our shortcomings.


Hope everyone is having a great new years Eve! Don’t forget to shout at midnight!


I shouted, but received no response. No surprise, since there are only a handful of units in the entire state of WV.

My Gotenna is up in a tree and ready to go. Let’s see what happens.

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Aw, I was out and forgot … so Brooklyn got a shout this morning instead.

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I sent several shouts just before, during, and after. I got no response however I was in a very rural location. Even moreso then where I live.

As @danielagotenna pointed out we will need to start the process earlier so we can get the word out in advance next time. We did one thing successfully I think.

We we’re the first collaborated effort for a world wide Gotenna mesh event in 2018. Congratulations to all that participated!