New user, questions about contacts, privacy, and icon badge count

Just received my mesh units, and they are very cool! I have a few questions that I can’t resolve on my own:

  1. If I give the app access to your contacts, does the data ever leave my phone? In other words, is my contact data uploaded to GoTenna, other parties’ servers, or other people in the mesh?

  2. In Shouts, it appears only the person’s first initial is shown to other users. I’m assuming this is to preserve privacy for other mesh users who not in your address book. Correct? If yes, thanks.

  3. In iOS (11), I’m not seeing a count of unread messages on the app icon. Should this happen? I’m guessing yes and that something might be wrong. I have all Notification and Badge settings for GoTenna turned on in the iOS settings.

No. Never.


The goTenna app does not support unread messages count yet.


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