Monteal, Quebec / Canada

We’ve purchased about 14 units and really interested in establishing minimal amount of network effect by increasing the number and the range of stationary nodes.

Some question : How does surroundings affect the range?

For example without a standard way of mounting the antenna outside, the various hacks to hang the antenna and USB cable as far out the balconies without being affected by rain is making us question the range benefits.

I’ve done some range testing and surroundings affect range a lot. With a clear line of sight, I was able to get >6 miles without much effort and likely could have gone farther, but as soon as I lost sight of the other node communications were lost. In a small town, my range varied from .7 miles ( not in buildings ) to less than a half mile with one of the Gotenna units inside a wood and brick framed building. These numbers came from my review of the Gotenna here -

Essentially, getting your Gotenna nodes out in the open is worth the effort. Even just outside a building might make a difference of several miles, at least in one direction. In an open area, putting on the roof could be worth even more in every direction.

One cheap technique is to velcro the device to the side in a plastic tupperware-like container on end with a hole in the bottom for the USB cable is likely enough, particularly if it’s mostly out of the weather anyway.


LOS is helpful but not necessary. That being said, more open terrain often allows for greater range. You’ll want to consider what type of obstructions are around you-- large buildings, vehicles, bodies of water. While an obstruction might limit point-to-point range, a properly place relay device can help you navigate around it.